Confidence is an important thing that human being should have in it’s shoulders to be ready to experience life’s experiences. Confidence comes from feelings of well- being, acceptence of your mind , body and the beliefs in your own skills ability and experience.


1– Believe in your ability to improve

Which means trust yourself, trust your dreams and believe that you can do it you can get it cause you are enough and strong.

2- Accept failure

Personally i faced a lot of failures this year, it was so difficult cause it’s my first time that i faced it. But I got it and i accepted it and i also learned that sometimes adversety is that light in that darky place.

3- Know your Worth

It’s so important to know your worth/ yourself. Know who you are, discover what you want, what is your qualities what is your imperfections….. Discover Who you really are.

4- Vanish comparison from your life

That is an important point to improve your self-esteem. Stop comparing yourself to others you are who you are Period. Everybody is born different and special. So do the impossible to discover that treasure.

5- Dress nicely

That tip could sound superficial or stupid but guarantee that it works. Get yourself clean, put a nice cute clothes that you are comfy in and start your day , see how brighter gonna be. It is sooo simple but it makes a big difference.

So don’t forget to share with us down below your thoughts and to add other tips../ /Take care guys//


  1. Thank you for the tips. Confidence grows with us and only through trials and errors it can be polished and maintained bright. Another tip is to observe confidence in other people . And finally, appreciate those who are on the path of building their own and support them to reach to their own confidence

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  2. Great advice. I like to say that it’s important you tell yourself you can whenever you feel nervous about something. Not because this will ease the nerves, but because once you do pull of that task, instead of feeling relief you will gain confidence. πŸ™

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