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In a previous article i shared with y’all my journey of how i learned to speak 4 languages and some tips to master a foreign languagehttps://wp.me/pbi00q-eO. So i said why not to share another tips that may be helpful.


Talking is the key to master a new language. It’s been month and a half that i’m using that method with spanish, i record myself 3 to 5 minutes talking to the camera… TRUST ME IT’S MAGICAL.


Language essentials are :communicating , listening and writing. Take 5 minutes everyday and journal about anything comes to your noggin with your target language and see the difference.


A lot of people think that motivation is so important to achieve that and this….. Yeah in a side it’s important to know what motivates you but in another hand it isn’t cause motivation is unstable that’s why you should have discipline and consistency…..


Guarantee this one helped me a lot with my spanish. Search on Youtube and you are going to find thousands of videos.


I insist on that point so much…. Cause it will help you upgrade your vocabulary and enhance your pronunciation. And in the same time having fun “NETFLIX AND CHILL.” https://wp.me/pbi00q-g3


I said a lot of stupid things and i still say a lot of stupid things but it’s normal we are learning it’s a part of the process. Don’t shame yourself or things like that… ACCEPT IT AND LEARN FROM IT

I know the process of learning a new language by your own is not that easy it takes time and energy but in the end is worth it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts and another tips down bellow //TAKE CARE//


He was staring at her..

Pondering about how her heart is a river of love

Pondering about how kindness is the language of her heart

Pondering about how that combination of gentle and madness

Made him insane for her

Pondering about how all his rules were breaking for her

At lengths of pondering…

He got that the way her heart wears kindness

It’s alluring


We all need reminders, to remind us that we can be better or to get rest from life’s stress or to form a new habits.

1- Do what you gotta do, don’t wait for anybody.

2- Stay hydrated.

3- Listen to your body’s needs.

4- Toast to your goals.

5- Take care of yourself.

6- Eat what you like to eat.

7– Appreciate how lucky you are everyday.

8– It’s okay to mess up.( Don’t be freaking hard on yourself)

9- Do what you need to do.

10- Accept what cannot change.

11- Don’t forget that you survived your worst days.

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below./Take care/

Part 1: https://wp.me/pbi00q-e3


She always loved flowers, especially Camellia that brings out her passion,affection and admiration of loving deeply.

She always spent her nights in her balcony staring at the moon to perceive her feminine energy, eternity and enlightenment.

She’s known of her kindness and cheerfulness….. But that’s not all, she is also known of being very lonely in a point that some descriped her that she’s sinking in a river of sorrow, being said that she has social pain difficulties.

But always she has been giggling of this barborous assumptions, cause she’s been struggling for years to be understood that she’s not living in a social pain……. But she chose to live her tender age alone with her own company, she preferred the chaotism of her own company cause it’s where she felt most loved.

Now, she is going to gaze up the moon to feed up her soul of tender, peace and love.


I read and watch bunch of Blogs and YouTube videos about that concept, i find it so entertaining and educative… So today is my birthday I’m officially 19 Happy birthday to me and to all the people we share that day together… So i said why not to share with y’all 19 life lessons that i learned at 19 years old.

1- Accept failure.

2- Express your love to the people that you love before it’s late.

3- Patience is the key.

4- You are a full independent creature. So do only what you desire.

5- Listen and trust that little voice.

6- Believe in yourself and your capacities.

7- Take your freaking time.

8- You are full of love so share it with who needs it.

9- Be kind and do good things in your life cause that what you going to find in the end.

10- Life is really short, so focus on your own self.

11- Educate yourself.

12- Take care of yourself because nobody gonna do it in your place.

13- There is nothing wrong of being different.

14- Create your own world with its own rules it’s really important.

15- You aren’t weirdo or awkward….. You are just an authentic soul.

16- Cry if is needed.

17- Take pictures of tiny moments in life.

18- Sounds cliché but there is nothing more important than your mental and physical health.

19- Be grateful about the little that you have.

Hope y’all enjoyed it. / Take care/


It’s been a while that i want to talk about that topic…. Failure is a subject that we don’t talk about it a lot, it’s so underrated even if it is so important to speak up about it.

Personally that year i faced failure a lot, bunch of things didn’t turn how i want to, but i finished by accepted it and moving on. There is value in failure: You get to know your self better, next time when you start you are not starting from scratch and the most important thing without failing you never learn how to succeed sometimes adversity is that light in that darky place.

So if you are in a failing position right now, accept it and don’t give up maybe the path of you’re plan changed but the plan should never change, never forget that things get harder before you level up. ” Failure is success in progress”- Albert Einstein.


1- Learn from your mistakes .

2- Don’t feel threatened by failure.

3- Question yourself/ your fears and accept what happened.

So I hope that y’all enjoyed it, and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down Bellow// Take care//


Let’s let a drop of ink take us to a glorious world.


I dream a world where man
No other man will scorn
Where love will bless the earth
And peace it’s paths adorn
I dream a world where all
Will know sweet freedom’s way
Where greed no longer saps the soul
Nor avarice blights our day
A world i dream where Black or white
Whotever race you be
Will share the bounties of the earth
And every man is free
Where wretchedness will hang it’s head
And joy like a pearl
Attends the needs of all mankind
Of such i dream my world


I will not have you
Without the darkness
That hides within you
I will not let you have me
Without the madness
That makes me
If our demons
Cannot dance
Neither can we


My opinion
I have many
They are my veil of beauty
Don’t you know

My scars
They decorate me shoulder to toe
Like a marvelous gown
I’m not afraid to let them show

My pride
Adorns me
Like fine jewels
I know my Worth

My strength
It protects me
Like a shoe handcrafted with care
I can go anywhere

Call me queen like it’s my name
I won’t forget to take my claim

I don’t care what they say
Being a woman can look this way
-unknown poet

Hope y’all enjoyed it./ Take care/

. First part: https://wp.me/pbi00q-bM


Confidence is an important thing that human being should have in it’s shoulders to be ready to experience life’s experiences. Confidence comes from feelings of well- being, acceptence of your mind , body and the beliefs in your own skills ability and experience.


1– Believe in your ability to improve

Which means trust yourself, trust your dreams and believe that you can do it you can get it cause you are enough and strong.

2- Accept failure

Personally i faced a lot of failures this year, it was so difficult cause it’s my first time that i faced it. But I got it and i accepted it and i also learned that sometimes adversety is that light in that darky place.

3- Know your Worth

It’s so important to know your worth/ yourself. Know who you are, discover what you want, what is your qualities what is your imperfections….. Discover Who you really are.

4- Vanish comparison from your life

That is an important point to improve your self-esteem. Stop comparing yourself to others you are who you are Period. Everybody is born different and special. So do the impossible to discover that treasure.

5- Dress nicely

That tip could sound superficial or stupid but guarantee that it works. Get yourself clean, put a nice cute clothes that you are comfy in and start your day , see how brighter gonna be. It is sooo simple but it makes a big difference.

So don’t forget to share with us down below your thoughts and to add other tips../ /Take care guys//


As i mentioned on a previous post ” How i learned to speak 4 languages” https://wp.me/pbi00q-eO that I’m in the process of learning Spanish… So watching spanish shows it helps me a lot to improve my level in the language. So if you’re in the same boat i think these shows can be so helpful to upgrade your level in Spanish.

1-Las chicas del cable/ Drama/ 2017_2020/ 5 seasons/ Directed by Carlos Cedes.

Las chicas del cable was the first Netflix’s Spanish serie. The story takes place in Madrid 1920s where a telephone company is located, for 4 youngs woman who gets jobs there ( Alba, Carlota, Marga y Àngeles ) that each of them have a specific story that guide them to fight for the woman’s rights or more exactly the equality with men.

2-Tiempos de guerra/ Drama, History/ 2017/ 1 season/ Directed by David Pinillos, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Eduardo Chapero- Jackson.

The serie talk about the ” Rif war” between Morocco and Spain in the 1920s of the North African territory of rif ( Annual Battle). Queen Victoria Eugenia sends a group of nurse trainees from Madrid to Morocco in the city of Mellia to help spanish solders who have been injured in the battle…..

3– Altamar/ Drama, Mystery, Crime/ 2019_2020/ 3 seasons.

Two sisters who are traveling together from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s in that mysterious luxurious ship…..

4– Velvet colección/ Romance, Fashion/ 2017/ 2 Seasons/ Directed by Gustavo Rom.

A fashion designer ” Ana” and her friends Clara, Pedro and Raùl they opened a design school and store in Barcelona…..

5- La casa de las flores/ Drama, dark comedy/ 3 seasons/ 2018_2020/ directed by Manolo Care, Alberto Belli, Santiago Limòn, Yibràn Asuad.

La familia de la Mora, run that flower business… That hides a dark side secrets.

Hope that y’all enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to share with us others spanish series . // Take care//