20 years of the existence it feels divergent, shortage,devoted, ablaze,achy but surely inevitable.

It has multiple shades it is selfless and selfish, philanthropist and stingy, injurious and blessedness.

You give it without thinking and you receive it without asking.

It is a mystery power of art, it moves you deeply confidently and noxiously,but my soul is looking forward to taste it’s undiscovered shades.


She always loved flowers, especially Camellia that brings out her passion,affection and admiration of loving deeply.

She always spent her nights in her balcony staring at the moon to perceive her feminine energy, eternity and enlightenment.

She’s known of her kindness and cheerfulness….. But that’s not all, she is also known of being very lonely in a point that some descriped her that she’s sinking in a river of sorrow, being said that she has social pain difficulties.

But always she has been giggling of this barborous assumptions, cause she’s been struggling for years to be understood that she’s not living in a social pain……. But she choses to live her tender age alone with her own company, she preferred the chaotism of her own company cause it’s where she felt most loved.

Now, she is going to gaze up the moon to feed up her soul of tender, peace and love.

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