00:30 the view wasn’t soothing

A stemware glass of wine in my hands

Blue eyeliner was sobbing

Tears dropped on the counter

Was looking at me saying

” You know what pain is”

I’ve seen it in your eyes

I’ve drunk a sip of wine

Yearning surrender in my life.


I don’t want to be aware of everything of you

I want just to taste you

To show each other immortal love

To convey each other our gleaming sides

To smog a bite of cigarette

And forget the murky, sour , side of life.


Crack of dawn

Browsing a book

Enjoying the own company

Kissing his lips demurely

Feeding the soul of peace and love

Tramping in the hills

And exempting the epitome soul from ache


I want you so badly

But i won’t what it feels

I want your glances

But i won’t the gist behind it

I desire you dangerously

But i do not desire the situation


In a dusky night

I lost myself in glee

Writing you my last letter

Depicting you my woe

Pondering why I’ve adored you from the first time

Expressing my sting

Wailing my vacantness

And decorating pain

With purple hyacinth ,cherriness ,and soothe


We know nothing about each other


The taste of our lust

Love discovering your erotism

But not your persona

Fessing up that past memorials devouring me

As so many times

Oblivion asks me how to forget


When in a balmy Friday

I’ve refused letting you touching me

You have slipped your hands through my hips

From a balmy glaring Friday

I’ve lost my vivacious

I’ve lost my erotism

From a balmy Friday

You caused me injurious

From a balmy Friday

I live in darkness


Covering my heart with armour

My body with botulinum

My soul with thorns

So that i will never see my agony again

But the truth is

Human nature is frailty

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