What’s up you guys?! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. To make your day more amazing i have collaborate with an amazing indian fashion blogger SHIVANI from the blog: featured in india’s top 100 fashion blogs. This post all about fashion DON’TS to avoid, the other part is in iva blog do check out the fashion DO’S to level in your fashion sense


1 Don’t over accessorize

I’m a big fan of accessories but I try to not be over accessories cause simply is not comfy and it doesn’t look that glamorous Simplicity is the key

2 Don’t force yourself to wear something your not comfy in

Never from ever wear a thing that you’re not comfortable
in even if is that trendy and you like it …. if you’re not comfy on a thing simply guys is not for you just take your time and for sure you will find a thing that you like and most importantly you feel comfy in

3 Don’t copy others look JUST GET INSPIRED

if you like someone’s style try to not copy the same details just get an inspo from that person cause maybe it looks good on that person but not on you cause everyone has his own morphology DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE YOU IN FASHION

4 DON’T be afraid to wear color

If you are a black lover try to be bold in fashion COLOR attract attention and create an emotional connection

5 Don’t mix two seasons in one outfit

Every season have the clothes that are according to it

6 Don’t wear jeans that don’t fit you perfectly

There are jeans for every shape

7 Don’t wear long dress if you are short\PETITE

If you are petite like me honey avoid long dresses wear more skirts or short dresses it fits perfectly to your body shape

8 Don’t wear designer clothes from the head to the toes in one outfit

when you’re from the head to the toes it looks bling bling not attractive to see

9 Don’t wear shoes you can’t walk in

Always know your shoe size

10 Don’t wear to many colors at once

It’s beautiful to wear colors personally I’m a big fan
but you should just know how to mix it to not look like a rainbow

SOOOOO happy to colloborate with SHIVANI hope ya’ll enjoy it \\XOXO\\


  1. being a fashion freak myself i think the tips are very useful. There is no hard and fast rules for fashion.We can always try mixing and matching but the mantra is not to overdo anything and to keep it simple and stylish!

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