Nothing on this planet can compare to her love

Always given all what she has

Without expectations

She’s accountable,brave,educated, beautiful and the most remarkable

She was born with a crudity of wisdom

And a warrior fire that bleed her blood

With her intuition she could awake the universe

And from her generosity the world receive the inner power


Actually I’ve been hesitating to talk about that topic, because it’s so controversial but, honestly, I want to discuss it a while ago, so yeah let’s talk about Plastic surgery. Typically, there are two kinds of people towards that topic, there are folks that are with plastic surgery and other folks that are not with but either not against, I barely see people that are against cosmetic surgery.

Personally, I see it in a total different side. Actually as women we’ve been told since our young age to be beautiful, always “PRESENTABLE” more than to focus on our education or our personalities….. comparing to guys, so that we grew up in a pressure to look in a certain way, focusing on our personal appearance a lot in a point that sometimes turns to a deep complexes. For my own I have nothing against people who do plastic surgery everybody is free to do what he wants with his body, but personally I’m not with plastic surgery concerning myself due to many reasons.

Frankly we live in a toxic society that wants to lead us to a specific BEAUTY STANDARDS, Personally I see from that point insecurities/ complexities come from so, the core of the problem is not your body but your mind, not the body who needs plastic surgery but the mind who needs therapy.

Bunch of people they do cosmetic surgery to fit to the” TOXIC BEAUTY STANDARDS”, which is a huge issue because in that case plastic surgery is just a bandage to a deep wounds. So the question here is you want that plastic surgery for yourself or to fit to that toxic beauty standards? So personally I see that if is not for a health thing, I’m not 100% with the plastic surgery. So yeah that is just my own point of view, I’m so curious to see yours.

So I hope y’all enjoyed it, don’t forget to share  your thoughts with us down below //TAKE CARE// And don’t forget that you are more than your physical appearance .


History is full of bizarre events that we don’t study in school. As is said, “HISTORY IS A GREEK WORD WHICH MEANS LITERALLY JUST INVESTIGATION” -Arnold Toynbee.


During WW2 a polish soldiers found a bear cub, so one of the soldiers took the bear and named him “WOJTEK”, and he was trained in part by a civilian refugee. So the soldier bear was actually enlisted as a soldier in the polish army in order to provide for his ration and transportation and given his own playbook, serial numbers and rank in a clandestine way, been said that he would often sleep in bunks with other soldiers and helping transport supplies including heavy boxes of ammunition.

After the WW2 he was placed in the “EDINBURGH Zoo”, and he passed away at the age of 21.


Adolf Frederic was a king of Sweden from 1751——1770, his passion included making snuffboxes and fine dining. After consuming enormous meals, he passed away on 12 February 1771. At this dinner table he ate Caviar, Lobster, Sauerkraut, Kippers and drinking amounts of champagne and fourteen serving of his favorite delicious dessert semla.

After this amaze amount of food was enough to end the kings’ life.

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share y’all thoughts with us down below// Take Care//


A lot of people see that clothes are just a way of protection from coldness or hotness, or a reflection of the culture of a specific country.

Fashion is a substantial way of expression, what we chose to wear matter it expresses a hidden side of our personality that sometimes words or attitudes cannot express it.Most of the time when I do not feel good, or I don’t feel myself that much, I choose to wear something that I love and then boom I start feeling so powerful, sexy and confident… Which means I start thinking positively so that my day start flourishing.

Personally I see that fashion is a great tool to improve your wellbeing it’s a great way to find mental stimulation, in turn building your confidence.Fashion is a magnificent way for expressing your self creativity and of sure your comfortability whatever your style is, even tho is not that trendy.

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down below.//Take Care//

The origin of Halloween

Halloween has become one of the most celebrated holidays in the US, every year thousands of people disguise from their favorite movie character around the country. So where does that notorious freaky day come from?


So the meaning of the word “HALLOWEEN” is “Holly Eve” HALLO=HOLLY/ WEEN=EVE. The holly eve or Halloween finds it’s origins all the way back in the time of the ancient “CELTIC PAGANS “of the holiday of “SAMHAIN”. So the “CELTIC PAGAN “was one of a large group of polytheistic religious of Europe, and “SAMHAIN” is a three-day fire festival that celebrated death and birth.


So the word SAMHAIN translate into the modern Irish to summer’s end, Samhain celebrated the death and paid homage especially to loved ones who passed away recently as an invitation to them to rejoin the living. So in the festival tradition they intended to connect to spirits including costumes and sacrifices generally of animals as an offer to the spirits.


So thanks to the Scottish and Irish immigrants to the United States, Halloween was begging to be celebrated in the US by the end 1890s and the early 1900s.


JACK O LANTERN is a scary Irish myth known also as STINGY JACK or JACK THE SMITH is a character from IRISH tales, history say that his doomed to wander forever between the world of death and the ordinary world. In Ireland,people stared to crave demonic faces out of turnips to frighten away Jack’s wandering soul, so When Irish immigrants moved to the U.S,they began carving jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins, as these were native to the region.

SO HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS. Hope that y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.//Take Care//


It’s been kind of a year that I stopped reading self-help books due to many reasons.

I started reading self-help books 3 years ago when I got into the world of self-growth/ self development and actually to keep it honest it helped me a lot I read kind of all the classics of self-help books, I watched a bunch of videos related to the topic……

But now it’s been a year that I stopped reading self-help because I realized that self-help books are waste of time especially when you’re in the hub of your self-growth journey, at first are helpful, but after they become useless because typically all the self-help books say the same thing, same moral, same advice…… Nothing new which is a typical scam they also give false hope which means there is lack of realistic expections comparing to the real world that we live in.

I switched from self-help to fiction, romance and literature, which honestly is helping me more than self-help books, it takes me away from the ordinary world which is needed sometimes also I feel that my imagination is progressing, and the most important thing is that I’m learning new stuff.

I hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below//TAKE CARE//


Music change over time, cause our cultural evolution change, in result to produce a sophisticated, multiplex art.

As a big fan of music, I see that the 21st century music industry is sooo tacky in a way that everybody in our time is easy to call themselves an “ARTIST”, in addition to all songs that are kind of the same except a few artists that are unique.

The streaming killed the creativity kind of all the artists are following the same trends (TikTok…) Instead, to follow their own unique style, I think that the streaming era ended music legend persona.The reversal of the music industry which become so commercial of focusing more on make over the artist rather than focusing on a good lyrics or a new melody.


Beyoncé :Actually I’d never being a Beyoncé fan until I discovered her album “The Lion King: The Gift”and then after listening to it, I’ve changed my mind. She brings out the African on me so unique as an album, especially how the African culture is represented……..

LANA DEL REY: For me, she’s the queen of serenity and romance. I see that she’s so unique musically talking.

DRAKE :Personally I see Drake as the artist who puts the trend and after everybody is copy it. I also do love how he could go from rapping to singing in the same song.

So what’s the artists that you think are legends in our time?Hope y’all enjoyed it //TAKE CARE//


A while ago I wrote an article about “TOXIC FEMININITY “,but womanhood is too far to be that poisonous. So toxic Masculinity is those toxic attitudes and behaves that have negative impact on manhood.

Toxic Masculinity is when men use their power over women or weaker men, is also the discrimination against people who aren’t heterosexual. Toxic Masculinity is acting aggressively, which for some men means that they’re showing their manhood by being aggressive or using treating violence.

Toxic Masculinity includes also treating sex as a competition and using women as an object or feeling entitled to sex from others like for example a man can hook up with more than a woman, but he’ll never gonna be called a” WHORE” but when a woman sleep with more than a man automatically she’s a “BITCH”.

Toxic Masculinity contains also trying to appear tough which means suppressing emotions and showing the mental and physical toughness with a deep fear to show their real emotions or for example to cry in front of people, which personally I see it as a huge problem MEN, or WOMEN are created with the same emotions so why to fake it.

So to sum up where these TOXIC FEMININITY and MASCULINITY comes from?

Long story short masculine and feminine behaviors are inherited from social environment we all grew up doomed that as an adult WOMEN should be caring, gentle, and pleasant to others and MEN should be tough, competitive and in charge…….. And that stop the human being to be he’s own damn self, the thing is just be you as you are and don’t let this barbarous toxic society standards to doome you your whole life.

Toxic Femininity= https://wp.me/pbi00q-eE

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below.

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