Let’s get to know each other

Yesterday I achieved 100 followers

Wich is a big number to me maybe for some people is nothing but it is soooo meaningful to me so I want to thank you guys so much

So I said why not to get to know each other like we know each other just by reading each other’s blogs so why not to get a little bit deeper therefore I’m gonna share with you 5 facts about me and I’m waiting for y’all in the comments section to share with us too 5 facts about you

1 FACT: I have 18 years old

2 FACT: I’m kind a polyglot

3 FACT : I love writing

4FACT: I’m soooooo sensitive like I think y’all noticed it in my previous post about “SENSITIVITY” https://wp.me/pbi00q-5r

5 FACT : I’m a homie person I don’t like to go out a lot

So I’m waiting for y’all to share with us yours I’m soo curious

Lonely people

Actually I was searching online about what society thinks about lonely people and I found a barbarism things like for example lonely people can effects society negatively or lonely people have a mental health issues or social anxiety………

The problem is that a lot of human being don’t understand that the majority choose to be lonely being lonely is not being depressed or having a mental health issues….Nah it is sooo wrong first of all we enjoy our own company and that guys is magical we don’t need a bunch of friends for being happy or just we didn’t find someone who much us like for example me I can’t be hypycritical or not be me 100%for just have a friends ……..

Being lonely have a lot of benefits like discover who you are couse spending too much time with yourself help you to end up being deep with yourself also being alone boosts creativity studies shoes that people are actually more likely to come up with their best ideas when they are alone, it also maintains positive relationships

Guys literally if you are lonely and you’re afraid to show it or you find yourself weird…. Don’t worry you are normal it is not a bizzar thing to be lonely and don’t forget the best company ever it’s you’re own company SO ENJOY IT


Actually I realized that a lot of sensitive people are too afraid to share their emotions WHY? Honestly I don’t know so if you are that type of person please share with us in the comments section why you are avoiding that magic side in your personality?

So I’m a fck sensitive person I’m that kind of people crying watching movies or sometimes without any reason but that side in my personality is my favorite and I think if you are complex about it It should be you’re favorite too you should fall in love with it cause feeling people’s emotions and you’re own emotions of course it is a gift from god. You are a healer you always want to help people that you love avoiding pain you have a big heart like we say where I came from and don’t forget that sensitivity linked to creativity and that is just conjuring honey. So you’re not wrong or weird if you’re high sensitive or a crybaby nah it’s the opposite you have just strong self awareness, you are soo intuitive, nurturing , appreciative of the small things and the QUEEN /KING of self -care

So I hope you guys get the message and never from ever forget to fall in love with yourself cause that’s the key

Self discipline

A few days ago I was scrolling on Instagram

(By the way that’s my Instagram) and I found that post

So I was like dude hell yeah that’s so thrue and interesting in the same time so like usual I start asking myself that question 《WHY SELF DISCIPLINE IS THAT IMPORTANT IN OUR SUCCESS JOURNEY?》but the answer is abvious for example a basic example in school the discipline student is not the rebellious one even if the school system never from ever defines what you will be in the future but discipline helps you to focus on your goals it helps you stick to the work you want to get done also it boosts your self esteem cause success comes to those who believes in themselves and the most important thing discipline it helps you to to become the best version of yourself guys never forget that self love and self development is the key of all the doors in this universe

Learn to be disciplined, learn to believe in yourself and the most important thing learn to fall in love with yourself

Random psychology facts (part2)

.Girls are better than boys at remembering faces

.You appear more attractive to the other person when you make them laugh

.Anger cannot make pain disappear it only distracts you from it

.You’re brain is more creative when it’s tired

.Depression is the result of overthinking the mind creates problems that didn’t even exist

.Dancing/other art forms increase happiness

.Women crave for sex than man do

.Pretending you don’t have feelings like anger sadness or loneliness can mentally destroy you

.When you smile when no one is around you really mean it

.Convincing yourself you slept well tricks your brain into thinking it did


Actually music is a important thing in my life I wake up with music and I finish my day with music sometimes I ask myself this stupid question WHAT IF MUSIC DOESN’T EXIST HOW MY LIFE WILL BE? what about you guys does music have that importance in your lifes?


.Music can create happiness and relaxation in evryday life

.Reduce stress

.Reduce anxiety

.Provides comfort

.Music help in improving sleep quality

.Music help people perform better in high pressure situation

Literally I listen to kind a all types of music but I prefer Rap. So now I’m gonna share with you guys my 5 favorite songs of the moment and I’m waiting for you guys in the comment section to share with me yours

Carita de inocente (Prince Royce)
Passionfruit (Drake)
La meilleure (Hatik ft jok’air)
Brown skin girl (Beyonce)
Bahamas (Dounia)

Introvert people

So let’s begin about how a introvert person look like?

So as an introvert I’m SO (QUIET, THOUGHTFUL, SHY ,DEPRESSED, WEAK,HOMIE……………) but that’s not the reality that’s not me and for sure not you if also you are an introvert that’s just how other people/society see us but that’s sooo wrong

My experience like an introvert actually what I realized that the majority of strangers see us wrong but the reality being an introvert for me have many benefits like be more independent, being able to really focus on myself and my goals…….

There is 4 types of introverts:

#1 SOCIAL INTROVERT:” Tends to prefer a small group setting and alone time” said by CLARA MARIE MANLY

So social introverts are the most outgoing and the most private of the 4types wich means they enjoy the social settings but they feel emotionally drained if they stay out too long (THAT’S MY TYPE ACTUALLY)

#2 THINKING INTROVERTS: Are a quiet genius type

#3 ANXIOUS INTROVERTS: An anxious introvert suffer quietly from social anxiety

#4 RESTRAINED INTROVERTS: It takes you a while to get going


. INTROVERTS are curious, independent and highly self motivated

.INTROVERTS prefer quality over quantity they have very few friends

.INTROVERTS enjoy solitude most of the time


Oh hey! I’m just here to remind you in case if you forgot that you are beautiful how you are

We all have our insecurities but we all are beautiful in our own ways

I hope you guys get the message!

Kisses guys