Music change over time, cause our cultural evolution change, in result to produce a sophisticated, multiplex art.

As a big fan of music, I see that the 21st century music industry is sooo tacky in a way that everybody in our time is easy to call themselves an “ARTIST”, in addition to all songs that are kind of the same except a few artists that are unique.

The streaming killed the creativity kind of all the artists are following the same trends (TikTok…) Instead, to follow their own unique style, I think that the streaming era ended music legend persona.The reversal of the music industry which become so commercial of focusing more on make over the artist rather than focusing on a good lyrics or a new melody.


Beyoncé :Actually I’d never being a Beyoncé fan until I discovered her album “The Lion King: The Gift”and then after listening to it, I’ve changed my mind. She brings out the African on me so unique as an album, especially how the African culture is represented……..

LANA DEL REY: For me, she’s the queen of serenity and romance. I see that she’s so unique musically talking.

DRAKE :Personally I see Drake as the artist who puts the trend and after everybody is copy it. I also do love how he could go from rapping to singing in the same song.

So what’s the artists that you think are legends in our time?Hope y’all enjoyed it //TAKE CARE//


A while ago I wrote an article about “TOXIC FEMININITY “,but womanhood is too far to be that poisonous. So toxic Masculinity is those toxic attitudes and behaves that have negative impact on manhood.

Toxic Masculinity is when men use their power over women or weaker men, is also the discrimination against people who aren’t heterosexual. Toxic Masculinity is acting aggressively, which for some men means that they’re showing their manhood by being aggressive or using treating violence.

Toxic Masculinity includes also treating sex as a competition and using women as an object or feeling entitled to sex from others like for example a man can hook up with more than a woman, but he’ll never gonna be called a” WHORE” but when a woman sleep with more than a man automatically she’s a “BITCH”.

Toxic Masculinity contains also trying to appear tough which means suppressing emotions and showing the mental and physical toughness with a deep fear to show their real emotions or for example to cry in front of people, which personally I see it as a huge problem MEN, or WOMEN are created with the same emotions so why to fake it.

So to sum up where these TOXIC FEMININITY and MASCULINITY comes from?

Long story short masculine and feminine behaviors are inherited from social environment we all grew up doomed that as an adult WOMEN should be caring, gentle, and pleasant to others and MEN should be tough, competitive and in charge…….. And that stop the human being to be he’s own damn self, the thing is just be you as you are and don’t let this barbarous toxic society standards to doome you your whole life.

Toxic Femininity= https://wp.me/pbi00q-eE

So i hope yall enjoyed it and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below.


Hustle culture is that putting hard work above everything else and putting everything you have into working hard. Standard working hours of countries worldwide are around 40 to 44 hours per week, scientifically the more realistic goal is to work slightly below 40h per week in addition to have a 1h off in a day to rest.

Hustle culture is not just horrible for your physical and mental health but with time is killing also your productivity and your mood.

Personally I believe that little steps every single day will lead to great results with time, BALANCE you guys is the key. In a week you can work, have a rest and see your lovely ones nothing should come above your family/friends… Personally, I’d never been with that hustle culture trend or either with those motivational speakers that starts affirming to sacrifice your20’s so that you’re going to be comfy in your 30s/ 40s…. Which is so freaking toxic, 20s come just once in our lives, so we should take it for granted and use it as a decade of discovery and enjoyment.

So I hope y’all enjoyed it. And don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below.


All those layers of quietness on quietness

Are murdering me

I have the desire to know every part of you

Mostly your deep secrets

Your deep doubts

Your real identity

But in real

I can’t across this line

Cause our secrets define us determine a part of

Our identity

Our history

Our mystery

So I’m gonna learn to live with that divestating


The definition of glow up in the urban dictionary is that incredible physical transformation from the top to the bottom. In this past few 5/6 years people become obsessed with glowing up in a toxic way which pop culture is a huge part of it.

Personally i see that the world become so superficial in a toxic way like for example the “Normalization of Transformation “which means that natural beauty is not that sexy or appealing, young people become so complex physically because they don’t have X.Y.Z… Body or beauty which is actually full of surgery (EVEN THO I’m NOT AGAINST PLASTIC SURGERY).The toxic point is that the obsession with “GLOW UP” is that people focus a lot in their physical appearance until it gets so toxic don’t get me wrong there is nothing bad of taking care of your physical appearance but for example as a girl you can’t go out without makeup Because that means you’re not” GLOW UP”.

As you like yourself with makeup, you should worship your natural beauty cause that what you really are. Instead of getting that obsessing with that toxic physical glow up, be obsessed with your lifestyle, mental health, Professionally… cause that what is really important physically we are all stunning just the way we are, because we are all different looking don’t get yourself  into that hub of TOXIC BEAUTY STANDARDS and never apologize because you look natural.

So I hope that y’all enjoyed it. And don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below// Take care//


As a big fan of fashion the 2000s marked me a lot, it was a time that I was obsessed with DISNEY CHANNEL stars especially MILEY CYRUS aka HANNAH MONTANA or ARIANA GRANDE in SAM & CAT…….

Personally, I’m a big fan of 2000s fashion trends, especially” The Glitter lip gloss” and “The all Denim”.


Yo guys! y’all can’t forget that, the tattoo choker is one of the jewelry pieces that I adore in the early 2000s fashion, also it was trendy in 2014/2015 and guarantee I was wear it all the time.


If you know me, you know my love for denim. Denim owes a lot to 2000s fashion. Kind of anything was denim JACKETS, HATS, SKIRTS…. LOVE IT.


Actually the amazing trend of Baguette bags is back now, which is amazing.


I remember I had one in purple, which I was in love with. Velour tracksuit were also an important item of the early 2000s fashion, especially the ones who had the messages on the butt.


The 2000s MINI SKIRTS gives me PARIS HILTON vibe, skirt was also an influence item in the 2000s especially the DENIM ON.

Hope y’all enjoyed it, don’t forget to share your thoughts down below and your favorite 2000s trend.


A lot of topics have been distinguished in a bunch of teens TV series to break up taboos as in EUPHORIA, SEX EDUCATION, GOSSIP GIRL, ELITE…….

A lot of strong topics have been triggered in that kind of TV shows as Mental health problems ( Depression, anxiety, eating disorder…) Addiction (drugs, sex…) societal subject ( Toxic relationships, Harassment, Rasicm, the social pressure of losing your virginity…) So personally I see that as a big step forward to break taboos and also teens that face that kind of issues do not feel alone…

Which is a great thing, but I see that the representation of teens in that kind of TV shows that is watched by a majority of folks probably between 13—–20 years old is awful represented really wack

First we don’t need much of graphics to get to the point like for example in 13 reasons why that scene when they beat that guy on the bathroom or the scene when Hannah Baker cut her veins to commit suicide…… Or those sex scenes that are just a plus are not needed that much to understand the serie. Also, all these topics that they triggered to talk about it in the purpose of braeking taboos they romanticize it in a fck annoying way is represented it in a cool way like it is cool to be depressed or to take drugs….. Or in the serie Elite how they romanticize that teens in high school having threesome without bringing the negative effects about it in that age between 16—–17

Personally, I see that there is a huge lack of nuances. That makes you feel that your life is a piece of shiit, and you really didn’t enjoy that period of your life, which is totally toxic and fake.

So I really want to see your thoughts… Hope you all enjoyed it //TAKE CARE//


History is full of bizarre events that we don’t study in school. As is said, “HISTORY IS A GREEK WORD WHICH MEANS LITERALLY JUST INVESTIGATION” -Arnold Toynbee.


EDGAR ALLAN POE was an American poet, editor and literary critic. On September 27, 1894, Poe was supposed to travel from Virginia to Philadelphia to help a fellow writer to edit some poetry, but unfortunately he never made it. On October 3 the author was found lying in the street, barely conscious, outside a polling place saloon called GUNNER’S HALL and wearing somebody’s else clothes….. Sadly he spent, he’s last days unconscious and delirious, and he couldn’t explain what happened to him, he just kept repeating the name “REYNOLDS”. On October 7 the poet passed away, since then there have been all sorts of theories about the cause of his death, but the real cause still unknown until that day.


The FEEJEE MERMAID was a hoax promoted by P. T BARNUM during the 1840s, was the most famous of several fake mermaids exhibited during the 19th century, was exhibited in NEW YORK, LONDON, and Boston. According to history a Boston sea captain had purchased it from a Japanese sailer after he come back home (BOSTON) he passed away so , he’s son got it …..who sells it to someone called KIMBEL( Hope that I spelled he’s name right) so KIMBEL contacts his friend P. T BARNUM, then he loans the mermaid from KIMBEL to display it as an actual mermaid.



There is nothing spookiest as a haunted ship in the middle of the ocean. Mary Celeste is a ship captained by” BENJAMIN BRINGS”, the merchant shift left NEW YORK on November 1872 heading to Italy, the boat carried Bring’s wife, his daughter several sailers and around 1700 barrels of alcohol. According to Bring’s diary, the trip was perfect, but before they made it to Europe a really strange thing happened. The MARY CELESTE was discovered sailing along without a single person in it, and without any distress the ship was founded in a very good conditions and tragically no one ever found captain Brings or his family or his crew. So as any unsolved mystery there are a bunch of theories as here people have considered PIRATES, ALIENS, GIANT WAVES, HAUNTED BY SATAN or a GIANT OCTOPUS that have been the cause of the disappearance…. But there are no strong evidence to support those theories.


So i hope y’all enjoyed it don’t forget to share your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//


Below the sparkling lights

And people’s exhilaration under waltz music

She was sitting alone

With her gown blue dress

He could barely see her eyes

But since that moment he wants to know every part of her

Every bruise

Every scar

Every delight

Since then he grasps that love can be alive from the first sight


Compared to what we were a century ago.

Womenhood have made a huge progress women have started being financially independent, girls are provided education…. But if we keep it honest for a moment, ARE WOMEN TRULY INDEPENDENT?

Actually I don’t see women are truly independent as men for example. Personally, I see the meaning of independence in a bunch of life’s aspects, not just in the case of being able to get an education or being able to work…(BASIC THINGS). Even tho 88% of females worldwide had primary education compared to 91% of males “ACCORDING TO THE GLOBAL GENDER GAP REPORT2020″.

My question is are we truly living with complete freedom? A girl doesn’t feel safe at night, she also has the least freedom of wearing what she wants and also in some countries in our time some women need their husband’s permission to work as for example in BAHRAIN, CHAD, JORDAN, QATAR, UAE…………

We all have being created as independent creatures, thus I really hope that shiit change for the best and women will find her equality, independence(100%)…. As men in our society.

So I hope y’all enjoyed it and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//