As i mentioned on a previous post ” How i learned to speak 4 languages” https://wp.me/pbi00q-eO that I’m in the process of learning Spanish… So watching spanish shows it helps me a lot to improve my level in the language. So if you’re in the same boat i think these shows can be so helpful to upgrade your level in Spanish.

1-Las chicas del cable/ Drama/ 2017_2020/ 5 seasons/ Directed by Carlos Cedes.

Las chicas del cable was the first Netflix’s Spanish serie. The story takes place in Madrid 1920s where a telephone company is located, for 4 youngs woman who gets jobs there ( Alba, Carlota, Marga y Àngeles ) that each of them have a specific story that guide them to fight for the woman’s rights or more exactly the equality with men.

2-Tiempos de guerra/ Drama, History/ 2017/ 1 season/ Directed by David Pinillos, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Eduardo Chapero- Jackson.

The serie talk about the ” Rif war” between Morocco and Spain in the 1920s of the North African territory of rif ( Annual Battle). Queen Victoria Eugenia sends a group of nurse trainees from Madrid to Morocco in the city of Mellia to help spanish solders who have been injured in the battle…..

3– Altamar/ Drama, Mystery, Crime/ 2019_2020/ 3 seasons.

Two sisters who are traveling together from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s in that mysterious luxurious ship…..

4– Velvet colección/ Romance, Fashion/ 2017/ 2 Seasons/ Directed by Gustavo Rom.

A fashion designer ” Ana” and her friends Clara, Pedro and Raùl they opened a design school and store in Barcelona…..

5- La casa de las flores/ Drama, dark comedy/ 3 seasons/ 2018_2020/ directed by Manolo Care, Alberto Belli, Santiago Limòn, Yibràn Asuad.

La familia de la Mora, run that flower business… That hides a dark side secrets.

Hope that y’all enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to share with us others spanish series . // Take care//

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