So as y’all know Communication is the exchanging of informations by speaking, writing or using some other medium. It is an important skill for getting what you want in any domain..

Communication is super difficult for some people… That’s why you should know what type of communication you are. Generally there are 4 types of Communication… // Verbal C , Non-verbal C, Writing C and Visual C//

1/ Verbal communication : Having the ability of using speech and language to send a message ( NOT MY TYPE AT ALL) is The Best Way for discussion

2/ Non-verbal communication : The opposite of the Verbal C which means communicating without using words and instead using Body language, Facial expressions…. Is The Best Way For showing interest

3/ Written Communication: Using the written words to transmit an information … Is the best way for delivering a lot of informations that is important to remember

4/ Visual Communication: Delivering messages that can be seeing Which means the conveyance of ideas and informations in forms that can be seen … The best way of showing a good presentations and is quite useful for presenting data or objects that are hard to describe….

So what is your type? Mine actually is the Non-verbal and the written one. Hope that post was useful for y’all
Waiting for y’all thoughts down below // Take care//



  1. Awesome and well-written post. I communicate best through non-verbal and written communication, although I’ve gotten much better at speaking over the years. But when I was younger, I was painfully shy and sucked at the verbal communication. Thank you for this information.

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