There are at least 27 emotions but the types of basic emotions are: Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Disgust,Anger and Surprise

The question now//Why we live in a world that is obsessed with happiness and positivity?// But deprecate the negative emotions “Sadness and Fear” and in the end the human being put himself in a Toxic Positivity box

As we listen to our happiness we also should listen to our sadness PERIOD the feeling of sadness is an important feeling we all should listen to it cause is the only way to make our pain disappear by feeling it live with it and understand it. It’s okay to not be okay I Know is that Clichรฉ but is true is okay to feel that random feeling like something is ending but nothing will start that’s normal let the universe guide you, It’s okay when someone asks you How are you? To answer by I’m not fine/ I’m not good….. Feel yourself , accept your feelings and try to understand them we cannot be strong 24/7 that’s impossible be vulnerable/ be messy / just be You

” Increased sorrow, Increased wisdom” waiting for y’all thoughts down below//Take care//


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