Aristotle believed that men are perfect and superior, Gerda Lerner the author of “The creation of patriarchy “trusted the idea of women had colder blood than men that’s what made women not involve into men. Women around the globe had faced and still facing harassment, domestic violence, sexual abuse, gender payment gap, the inequality face to the opposite gender, and so on….. That’s why the movement of feminism was created for advocacy of women’s rights and the equality of the sexes.


The word “FEMINISM “originated from the French word “FEMINISM” coined by CHARLES FOURIER a French philosopher and utopian socialist in 1837,which he defined feminism as The belief that women should not be treated in a subordinate or unequal way simply because they are women. The feminism movement started at the Seneca falls convection in 1848 when 3000 women and men related to the cause of women equality, which more than 7 decades after ensured women the right to vote, for which was drafted by Elizabeth Cady Stanton that was abolitionists, and one of the first leaders of woman’s right movement.



There are 4main waves in feminism and 3 types that help a lot to upgrade the women situation in that patriarchal world.


-1 WAVE: Ending men submission over women and the right to vote.

-2 WAVE: Equal payment.

-3WAVE: Fighting sexual harassment in high possession places (WORK).

-4WAVE: Relaying on social media, virtual manifestations……


1- LIBERAL FEMINISM: That type of feminism is against social norms, this type believes that social norms impede women for getting access to the world. Liberal feminism isn’t revolutionary, but it was a milestone to a huge change.

2- MARXIST FEMINISM: That type is against capitalism, which they claim that it is impossible for any oppressed person, especially a woman, the main solution is replacing capitalist system by socialist system.

3-RADICAL FEMINISM: This type believe that the problem of women ties in the patriarchal system of the society, not in the struggle between the capitalism and the socialism.

Personally I believe that being a feminist it doesn’t just involve manifestations, but also talking on media, learn on feminism…. Especially if you are a man, try to spread it in your entourage educate people who are unaware of this movement… Hopefully we’ll see the result that womanhood desire.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down below.// Take Care//


    1. In general I’m writing about feminism cause i find that is an important topic that caught my intention for a while especially as a young lady that desire the equality in this patriarchal world that we live in ….. So i want just to share the little that i learned with the people here on my blog.

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      1. Thank you for sharing your perspectives on it. Can you remember the first thing about feminism that made you inspired to write about it? What was the first thing you wrote regarding feminism? You don’t have to answer of course. I remember not understanding what feminism was at first because people would say it was “man-hating” and then I remember being put down for not having read all the “right” feminist books by women who felt I should be more educated on the history. I actually resisted concepts of feminism at first, but then I realized what it really is and why people feel those different things about it. Now I know I was born a feminist and it’s not something I had to even choose. Now it’s just learning more to open my mind and heart and inspire action. Thank you for writing as you do and helping others to discuss.

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      2. Honestly, I can’t remember the first exact thing that pushed me to write about feminism because I want to write about it for a while…. But in Cultural Studies course (Is a class that I have in college) we talked about feminism/postcolonial feminism…. And we can say that was the hint to talk about the topic that I want to discuss on my blog for a while , and the first thing that I wrote regarding feminism is a poem it’s called //HER UNCONDITIONAL LOVE//Even tho it isn’t that feminist, but it was regarding womanhood you can find it on my blog. Thanks to you for taking from your time to read and to share your perspectives with us. And I want also to thank you for being that brave to write all these articles about feminism, which is so controversial.. I’ve read some of your articles, and I’m planning to read more… TAKE CARE.

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      3. This entire interaction is really wholesome
        It’s refreshing to see people share opinions without having to put anyone down in the process. Especially regarding a topic like feminism.

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      4. Hello Agyeiwaa, I believe you found the interaction wholesome in large part because of Marouabourni. I myself am not opposed to saying “Fuck the Patriarchy” when necessary. There is an extreme backlash against Feminism that has created the idea we are not wholesome when we speak however we want to. Mona Elthaway’s feminist life-work might not be considered “wholesome” for example but she’d entirely valid as a voice among us and very needed. That all being said thank you for your comment and I know you’ll find Maroubourni’s blog a “safe space” to share or ask questions. She is one of the few on wordpress I really enjoy reading too. 🙂

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      5. I’m very glad you are in the “fight” for human rights and speaking on behalf of women’s perspectives. It does my heart good. Keep doing what you do grrrl! 😉
        (btw my blog is in private mode for a little while, but I hope to be back in public sometime in the future. maybe. I’m part of a group protest after some of the wordpress writing community transgressed and failed to respectfully set proper boundaries. A lot of wordpress is misogynistic. And It feels like people are always stealing each others writing, and when a person calls them out on it, they are either ignored or told to be proud and take it as the highest form of flattery. So, long story short, I’m not sure why I am blogging anymore. Until I figure out what I’m getting out of it, or if I have any real effect that matters, I will be a reader and look forward to your posts!) So yes YOU do make it safe. You are a blessing. Thank you again.

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      6. Take your time girl…… Untile you figure out about your blogging journey, and don’t pay attention to these misogynistic folks your doing a great job ,and also don’t forget that there are a few of you in the blogging world that defend women’s rights….. Take care ❤️

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      7. Hello again Agyeiwaa, Here is a link to Feminist Giant which is Mona Eltahawy’s newsletter, in case you are not familiar with her work. You don’t have to subscribe. It gives you an option to read for free. It may take a while to understand her fury, but give her a chance. She speaks from pain but is true to herself and she’s brave and strong. I admire her even if she’s not considered “wholesome” and she is a liberator. She’s not against men. She’s against patriarchy. The distinction is important.

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