10 random fashion facts (Part1)

The first ever fashion magazine was sold in Germany 1586.
Historically purple clothes were only worn by Magistrates and the others aristrocracy in Rome Italy.
Michael Kors first project was his own mother’s wedding dress.
Charles Frederick Worth is the founder of la haute couture in the 19 th century.
Queen Victoria was the first person to wear a white dress.
Fashion designers show off their clothing line by creating a mini version to put on little dolls cause there were no real human models until 1853.
In the year 200
romans created different shoes for the left and right feet.
The company LOUIS VUITTON burns any old stock to keep a tight hold on its exclusivity.
For a short time some CHRISTIANS LOUBOUTIN shoes were available with baby blue bottoms.
The first ever fashion week started in 1943 in New York city.


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