The Japanese street fashion is extreme avant-garde similar to the European houte couture

So the street fashion in Japan called “HARAJUKU STYLE “. This fashion movement started in the latter half of the 1970’s was the time for advocating a new style.

Now I’m gonna react to some street Japanese fashion looks. So guys I’m warning you that Japan is lowkey style inspiration

What a inspiration?! So this lady wearing a oversized beautiful jacket and un large pantalon in a HARAJUKU Style, nothing to say….. she just gives me the vibe “I WANT TO BE ON FLEEK WITHOUT DISTURBING MYSELF ” ( HOPE MAKES SENSE)
OMG the thing that I love about Tokyo or Japanese street fashion that they have NO RULES when it comes to fashion and this looks mean it all the colors/shoes with la grandeplateforme/ outfits/makeup …… in love
The vibe that this look gives me I’m gonna go to the school in a fashionable way. Hello I’m in love specially with the skirt.
So simple but in vogue. Giving me a major fashion inspiration.
Legendary, I think my closet need a makeover.
Honestly, I have nothing to say just WooW the beige/orange coat with the magnificent orange short ,blue socks, the shoes humm I’m speechless .

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