The street fashion or the streetwear is a style generally accepted to have been born out of NYC hip hop culture of the late 1970’s early 1980’s with elements of LA surf culture.

Streetwear was started By SHAWN STUSSY

Of Stüssy a small surfboard company that began printing logo T_shirts in Los Angeles in the 1980’s

The most important designers in streetwear:






10 random fashion facts (Part1)

The first ever fashion magazine was sold in Germany 1586.
Historically purple clothes were only worn by Magistrates and the others aristrocracy in Rome Italy.
Michael Kors first project was his own mother’s wedding dress.
Charles Frederick Worth is the founder of la haute couture in the 19 th century.
Queen Victoria was the first person to wear a white dress.
Fashion designers show off their clothing line by creating a mini version to put on little dolls cause there were no real human models until 1853.
In the year 200
romans created different shoes for the left and right feet.
The company LOUIS VUITTON burns any old stock to keep a tight hold on its exclusivity.
For a short time some CHRISTIANS LOUBOUTIN shoes were available with baby blue bottoms.
The first ever fashion week started in 1943 in New York city.


The Japanese street fashion is extreme avant-garde similar to the European houte couture

So the street fashion in Japan called “HARAJUKU STYLE “. This fashion movement started in the latter half of the 1970’s was the time for advocating a new style.

Now I’m gonna react to some street Japanese fashion looks. So guys I’m warning you that Japan is lowkey style inspiration

What a inspiration?! So this lady wearing a oversized beautiful jacket and un large pantalon in a HARAJUKU Style, nothing to say….. she just gives me the vibe “I WANT TO BE ON FLEEK WITHOUT DISTURBING MYSELF ” ( HOPE MAKES SENSE)
OMG the thing that I love about Tokyo or Japanese street fashion that they have NO RULES when it comes to fashion and this looks mean it all the colors/shoes with la grandeplateforme/ outfits/makeup …… in love
The vibe that this look gives me I’m gonna go to the school in a fashionable way. Hello I’m in love specially with the skirt.
So simple but in vogue. Giving me a major fashion inspiration.
Legendary, I think my closet need a makeover.
Honestly, I have nothing to say just WooW the beige/orange coat with the magnificent orange short ,blue socks, the shoes humm I’m speechless .

Favoris fashion week 2020

Due to this pandemic the covid_19 forced the fashion weeks (La haute couture) to leave the run ways or the podiums , so that means that fashion going digital especially with the la haute couture collections in recent times. Actually I love it soo much cause it share a magnificent creativity.

So now I’m gonna share with you 3 different collections in this fashion week that it catch my eyes.


Such a beautiful, mysterious,magic hypnotic collection, actually this is so epic,heroic. .. In my opinion this collection it just saved la haute COUTURE.


Actually this catwalk creates another viral a lot of people criticize this collection but personally I’m in love with it.we celebrating love with jacquemus “L’amour summer 2021”


So Dior supported the local artisans who worked on this project. I’m in love with this idea

So we can find in this collection the SADDLE BAG ,and (Le blé à la côte )

That it have a beautiful signification that the ear of wheat ( l’epis du blé) was the lucky charm of Monsieur Dior. I’m just in love with this collection specially the little story of le blé à la côte.


Containment can it change our fashionable relationship?

Actually the fashion world have a pretty bad dramatic consequence due to the virus

La maison LOUIS VUITTON will distribute thousands of free cloth masks by week.
Clare Whaight Keller leave la maison GIVENCHY. Unfortunately that creation take the second place.
I cry myself to sleep when I knew it my favorite event is POSTPONED.

Postponed 2020 met gala.

Canceled Paris juin fashion week, also BALENCIAGA run way and ARMANI made a pass fashion without a public due to the pandemic.
Anna Wintour she is sooo touched like evryone by the virus. She post a sensitive message on Vogue America.

90’s Fashion

In 2019/2020 we see a lot ” Le pantalon peau de pêche “with a buffalo platform. Dr Martens, Adidas sweatsuit…….. yeah we returned at the 90’s style.

We cannot forget the 90’s fashion, also the biggest models or fashion influencers are obsessed by the vintage pieces like KENDALL JENNER, GIGI HADID…… WITHOUT forgetting the choker, the little sunglasses , la veste en jean and the crop top.

I’m sure any teen have at least one vintage piece in the wardrobe.

So now let’s talk a little about the fashion history in 90’s.

The 90’s mark a biggest changes in the fashion world. Fashion in this time was influenced by the sociopolitical events.

In the COUTURE it was the years of development in the luxury groupes like:

Jean Paul Gaultier
Alexander McQueen chez Givenchy
John Galliano chez Dior

The supermodels who marks the 90’s

Kate Moss
Linda Evangelista
Christy Turlington
Claudia Schiffer
Tatjana Patitz

Winter fashion dupes

Let’s be luxurious fashionable but less money, if you’re like me obsessed by pieces designer as much but it is so expensive for you to buy it. So let’s begun for being fashionable this winter.

Bottega Venta pouch $2,700
Dupe Amazon $19
A stunning Saint laurent blouse with ostrich feather trim 494€
Dupe Zara 19.99€
Fendi bag 1950€
Dupe Asos 9,49€. I think the dupe is more tiny but it still cut bag
Burberry 550€( I’m in love with this.)
Dupe Zara 39,95€ . It isn’t so similar but I find it also beautiful
Megan markle coat
Dupe Asos 150€

The best fashion dresses of the decade 2010_2020

XoXo the gossip girl star blake lively. Neon yellow, African print and flirty skirt. MARCHESA
The red carpet was on elegant parade with olivia wilde.Sequins, beautiful dress.MARCHESA
Stunning Alexander MC Queen dress with gold and black embellished. ALEXANDER MC QUEEN
One of my favorite looks……Emmy Adams show up with this fabulous La Renta dress.”Oscar la renta has dressed so many of my idols……it though, if anyone’s going to make a ball gown, he’s the man to do it”.LA RENTA
A cute long dress wore by cate Blanchett in the 2014 Oscars the outfit cost $18,million. ARMANI
This dress is perfect in Behati Prinsloo’s simple silhouette. ARMANI
Simple but elegant Laverne cox’s most elegant red carpet.ELIZABETH KENNEDY
Also simple but elegant EMMA STONE in this magnificent Givenchy dress. GIVENCHY HOUTE COUTURE
Nicole Kidman in this fashionable blue/purple ARMANI Privée dress. ARMANI PRIVÉE
Actually in 2019 we have a lot of amazing dresses but I prefer this glittery high law Zuhair Murad COUTURE wears by Jennifer Lopez. ZUHAIR MURAD COUTURE
Stunning even if many of the colors seemed off the wrong shades. TOM FORD SCULPTURAL BREASTPLATE, SKIRT CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN