Domestic violence

Domestic violence or domestic abuse or family abuse it is a violence committed by someone in the victim’s domestic circle it can be a partner ex partner friends or family ( mother, father, siblings..)

In 2019 126 womens killed by their partners or ex partners and 11 mans killed by their partners or ex partners . The percentage of family violence 76% are womens and 24% are mans.

So why womens are the most victims? Actually we growing up in a society that puts man in the first place all the time since we were young the lady since her young age she should be perfect girly … and of course” to be PATIENT ” and that’s the big problem specially where I came from , for example I read an article that in this quarantine the most of Moroccan womens are victims of domicile violence due to be stuck 3 months with their violence psychopath partners in general the Moroccan womens most of them victims of this abuse a study finds that 54,4% of Moroccan womens suffered from this abuse.

The types of domestic abuse:

_ physical abuse

_ sexual abuse

_ control

_ Emotional abuse

_ Verbal

_ Economic abuse

_ Stalking

_ Isolation

_ Psychological violence

So for all the womens that suffer from this abuse please don’t be afraid to speak up or ask for help.

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