Before starting today’s topic I’m so curious to know what keeps you guys motivated in life?

Literally when we talk about motivation a lot of people or the majority we link it with goals and that’s abvious cause motivation describes the wants or needs that direct toward a goal that’s why if you don’t feel motivated all the time try to make up your mind in serenity and take your time to find the right goals that will keep you motivated

The question that I ask myself kind a evry freaking day why motivation is that important in our lives? But the answer is lucid that without motivation we cannot feel the emotion of happiness or honored our success

How I try to keep myself motivated?

Actually my mind is like a diagram I try to be clear with myself I know what I can achieve of goals today and what I cannot and also a important thing I don’t put a fucking pressure on myself like for example yesterday I was too lazy I want to do nothing so it was a day off and of course self_devlopment books it help me a lot to keep myself motivated without forgetting the most important thing”Confidence “cause guys we can achieve anything I know it sounds clichè but that’s real” BE CONFIDENT “



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