The pretty privilege

Actually we talk a lot about the WHITE PRIVILEGE, THE RICH PRIVILEGE,or THE MALE PRIVILEGE but rarely we talk about the pretty privilege.

So the pretty privilege is to have more opportunities or to get better things than others due to your beauty standard for example you were with your friends in a restaurant and a stranger offered you a drink so this person find you beautiful, attractive…that’s the pretty privilege.

Actually is visible from the both sides but womens get the first place cause unfortunately a lot of mans see the women like an object of “Sex” and “Beauty “

Famous people who gets the pretty privilege:

Jeremy Meeks AKA ” PRISON BAE”

Was arrested of being a felon in possession of a firearm and grand theft but just after he gets out of jail many people specially girls finding him beautiful so now he’s one of the biggest models in the states.


The Kardashian family in general have the pretty privilege specially kim Kardashian after all the trouble drama ……. or just the buzz how she became known she still one of the most powerful people in the internet history.

Actually personally in my daily life I have the pretty privilege if it is in the society or school… so let’s be real this pretty privilege have more positive points than the negative effects .Being pretty is a big privilege but we refuse to admit it why? I DON’T KNOW!

So guys I’m so curious to know what do you think about this topic?

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