Random psychology facts (Part1)

.Staying quiet often means that you don’t think the other person is ready to hear your thoughts.

.People who spend more time in the sun are likely to be happier.

.Online dating and online shopping follow the same psychological principle.

.Only about a third of Americans consider themselves VERY HAPPY.

.Eating a tablespoon of dry sugar can stop hiccups. Sugar stimulates vagus nerve wich interrups the part of the brain that causes hiccups.

.Scent may be one of the factors in one’s attraction towards another.

.Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attack.

.We’re happier when we’re busy with something.

.Being unable to get someone off your mind indicates that you are also on that person’s mind.

.A person’s memory is able to save 90% of what he does 50% of what he sees and 10% of what he hears .

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