It ‘s been 3 years that i have been into that world of self-growth, self development…. Three years after i see a different version of myself in a different aspects in life.

My journey starts in a classical way reading self-help books, watching bunch of videos online about the topic…. It was soo fun actually and it stills fun. The thing that i want is to be just the best version of myself for myself.

That world helped me a lot to focus just on my own self, to not compare myself to others and to do what i want to do for the only soul that is myself. And the most important thing that i gained in that journey is that success dependent on whether you take actions and how you are going to face failer.

The thing that i really adore is that personal growth has no end. So for anyone who wants to start this journey of growing and developing itself for the best, the thing that i could share with you is do it for yourself not for anybody else.

So i hope that y’all enjoyed it, don’t forget to share your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//


We all need reminders, to remind us that we can be better or to get rest from life’s stress or to form a new habits.

1- Do what you gotta do, don’t wait for anybody.

2- Stay hydrated.

3- Listen to your body’s needs.

4- Toast to your goals.

5- Take care of yourself.

6- Eat what you like to eat.

7– Appreciate how lucky you are everyday.

8– It’s okay to mess up.( Don’t be freaking hard on yourself)

9- Do what you need to do.

10- Accept what cannot change.

11- Don’t forget that you survived your worst days.

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below./Take care/

Part 1:


We live in a stressful environment especially in our time we all want to do that and this to be successful, healthy and wealthy in the same time…. But we forgot that we are human and we have just 24h in a day and in that 24h we should face a lot of emotions, a lot of kind of stress and rest in the end of the day. That’s why we all need reminders to remind us that we can be better, to learn a new things or to form a new habits

That’s why I’m gonna share with y’all 11 of my favorite reminders

1/ It’s okay if the only thing you did today was breath

2/ Get some sleep

3/ I deserve to take a break No matter how busy I am

4/ Frees you to be you ( Show that goodness aura)

5/ Control what you can control ( Don’t overthink shiit)

6/ worrying about get everything done won’t solve anything

7/Strive for progress Not perfection

8/ You only fail if you quiet

9/ Things always get better with time

10/ Celebrate every tiny victory

11/ I can get through this week even if I’m that down

Hope that y’all enjoyed that post. I’m waiting for y’all thoughts down below and don’t forget to share with us your important Reminders //Take Care//


Fake positivity or more common TOXIC POSITIVITY. SO what is toxic\fake positivity? Did you heard of the term before?

Toxic positivity is the feeling of acting cheerful or happy when you really not is that fake happiness that you say to yourself or people say to you like\Hè! JUST CHEER UP!THINGS WILL BE BETTER; DON’T WORRY………..\ but deeply inside you is a inferno you want just to cry,scream or be alone and listen to your emotions and try to find a way to your issues after listening to your emotions. The positive vibe the optimism is beautiful it helps a lot but we should not forget that we are human we are not 24\7 happy and cheerful just in 24h we facing a lot of emotions the positive and also the negative don’t let that trend of\\LET’S BE POSITIVE 24\7 HERE JUST FOR GOOD POSITIVE VIBES WE DON’T NEED ANY NEGATIVE VIBES………..\\TOXIC

3 signs of toxic positivity





HONESTLY I have no tips the thing that i have to tell to ya’ll NEVER FROM EVER ignore your emotions

when you’re not good =you’re not good

when you are good=you’re good

listen to you’re emotions and don’t feel guilty cause you’re down for a moment \\WE ARE HUMAN\\