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Coco Chanel was a good singer as well. In fact she was a singer before entering the fashion industry.

Levis jeans are one of the most popular brands of jeans.

Victorian boys wore dresses until they were around 4or5 years of age.

Elisabeth was a big fan of hats, and as a result, females who did not wear them on sundays and public holiday were given a large fine.

In ancient Egypt, women wore hats of perfumed animal fat to disguise their body odour.

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We all heard at least once in our lives that if you really really work hard you will be successful in life and achieve all the things that you want to achieve in your path.

Which is true in a side of” BALANCE”. For example in a week should not hustle 24/7 without sleeping, taking a rest or spending time with your lovely ones and yourself. Should not selfsacrifical for getting done that and this without getting time for our health.

We live in a world that is so fck obbssed with work and hustle culture in general that can be really Toxic. A lot people on earth if a day pass without doing nothing they start be feeling guilty about themselves. Doing nothing sometimes is nessessairy it is freaking okay if the only thing that you did in your day is just breathing.

Personally I see that toxic productivity coming from that toxic world of social media , like everyone have that luxurious lifestyle and everyone is giving advice to young people to work that harder to can build that lifestyle. Wealth= successful which is 💯 Wrong and toxic.

I’m waiting for y’all thoughts down below. //Take care//


So Google’s definition of cultural appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices….. Of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.

As an examples of cultural appropriation: Clothing/ fashion, dance, Language, music , food , religious symbols , intellectual property……..

Before start the debate let’s talk about how the term begun, the term emerged in the 1980,in discussions of postcolonial critiques of western expansionism.

So my own perspective toward that glorious question do culture can be appropriate or not? Personally I’m down with cultural appropriation and in the same time I’m not, cause i don’t see where the bad is to wear others cultures clothes or to cook their food…. In a respectful way of course Which means to put that culture that is not yours for sure UP, for example in the 2018 VMA Madonna was wearing traditional Berber clothes

Personally as a Berber i didn’t see it in a bad way or as a appropriation of the Berber culture cause it was as an hommage of the Berber culture and she represented it in social media beautifully and respectfully. But in the same time I’m not ok of the idea of cultural appropriation as i mentioned it before. Actually I’m not down with the idea when you don’t respect that culture that is not yours for sure and you don’t put her people Up as how the notorious Kim Kardashian did in the MTV Movie /Tv awards wearing the African/ Jamaican braids

With calling them ” Bo Derek Braids” instead of calling them with their real cultural name ” Fulani Braids or cornrows”

So what do y’all think about the cultural appropriation? I’m really curious to see y ‘all thoughts // Take care guys//