As i mentioned on a previous post ” How i learned to speak 4 languages” https://wp.me/pbi00q-eO that I’m in the process of learning Spanish… So watching spanish shows it helps me a lot to improve my level in the language. So if you’re in the same boat i think these shows can be so helpful to upgrade your level in Spanish.

1-Las chicas del cable/ Drama/ 2017_2020/ 5 seasons/ Directed by Carlos Cedes.

Las chicas del cable was the first Netflix’s Spanish serie. The story takes place in Madrid 1920s where a telephone company is located, for 4 youngs woman who gets jobs there ( Alba, Carlota, Marga y Àngeles ) that each of them have a specific story that guide them to fight for the woman’s rights or more exactly the equality with men.

2-Tiempos de guerra/ Drama, History/ 2017/ 1 season/ Directed by David Pinillos, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Eduardo Chapero- Jackson.

The serie talk about the ” Rif war” between Morocco and Spain in the 1920s of the North African territory of rif ( Annual Battle). Queen Victoria Eugenia sends a group of nurse trainees from Madrid to Morocco in the city of Mellia to help spanish solders who have been injured in the battle…..

3– Altamar/ Drama, Mystery, Crime/ 2019_2020/ 3 seasons.

Two sisters who are traveling together from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s in that mysterious luxurious ship…..

4– Velvet colección/ Romance, Fashion/ 2017/ 2 Seasons/ Directed by Gustavo Rom.

A fashion designer ” Ana” and her friends Clara, Pedro and Raùl they opened a design school and store in Barcelona…..

5- La casa de las flores/ Drama, dark comedy/ 3 seasons/ 2018_2020/ directed by Manolo Care, Alberto Belli, Santiago Limòn, Yibràn Asuad.

La familia de la Mora, run that flower business… That hides a dark side secrets.

Hope that y’all enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to share with us others spanish series . // Take care//


So as a big fan of the performing arts and also lately I’ve been watching many movies i said why not to share with y’all a great 5 movies to distract y’all weekend.

Léon The Professional: Action / thriller (1994) directed by Luc Besson

My favorite movie of all the time to sum up for y’all the story without spoiling it , the story talk about Léon a assasin who loves his plants and Mathilda 12 years old that she gonna find herself already in the dark side of life .

Exam: Mystery/Thriller (2009) directed by Stuart Hazeldine

The movie talk about 8 candidates wanting to work with a prestigious company ,but before getting the job they have to take an exam and that exam have no questions .. Y’all try to guess what the question is ⁉️

The hate u give: Crime / Drama (2018) directed by George Tillman JR

Starr Cartes is constantly switching between two worlds the poor one her neighborhood and the wealthy one her school that she attends the movie talk about the racism and the police brutality ….

Life in a year: Drama / Romance (2020) directed by Mitja OKorn

17 years old Daryn learn that his girlfriend will die after a year so he did the impossible to give her the best life worth experience in the year she has left to live.

Malcolm & Marie:Drama/Romance (2021) directed by Sam Levinson

Actually I just watched it yesterday is a epic one. The story talk about a filmmaker and his girlfriend fighting all night i know is not the best summary ever but I don’t want to spoil it for you also the magnificent thing in the movie is on Black and white and there are just two actors in the whole movie.

Hope y’all enjoyed it ,and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below //Take care//

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