Heroin chic is an early 1990s fashion trend which is characterized by thinness, dark circles, pale skin, and drugs abuse, for instance heroin or too much smoking.

Illustration of Heroin Chic


The trend emerged by the Italian-American supermodel Gia Carangi one of the supreme American models in the late 1970s, she landed for the biggest magazines as vogue, cosmopolitans…but Gia Carangi had a crucial issue, a successive addiction of heroin that led her to get detached from her career in modeling and losing fortunes. Angelina Jolie played her character in the movie ”GIA” that illustrates her life.

Gia Carangi
Gia the movie

Early 1990s the heroin chic was as a high class fashion trend at which is kind of an appropriation imagery of an ” Appealing ” or ”Cool” youthful life, which it was also an exposure to drug culture in the fashion industry.


Adrian Diaz, a journalist in New York Post, wrote an article titled ” BYE-BYE BOOTY: HEROIN CHIC IS BACK”, in which it went too controversial due to the return of this horrible trend. At the MIU MIU show 2023 in Milan, models were wearing ” Micro-Mini skirts” that fits just a kind of morphology or Kim K who has claimed loosing 16 pounds to fit in Marlyne Monroe’s dress in the met gala. Moreover, I’ve come across online a few TikTok trends of some teenagers claiming that they do sleep all day to not eat so that they will be able to lose weight.

Miu Miu micro mini skirts
Kim Kardashian in the met gala

Thus, what do you think?

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  1. I think it’s ridiculous to treat our body as a trend. We are who we are and that’s okay. Some people have smaller bodies and others have bigger bodies. Both are equally beautiful. I hope this trend goes away quickly because it’s just so toxic.

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