#Metoo is a social movement that is against sexual violence towards women, in which many survivors of sexual abuse denounce their assaulter using this hashtag #Metoo, which has been used more than 19 million times on Twitter.


Back in 2006 Tarana Burke an African American right activist from the Bronx, NYC, she created the movement #Metoo to support survivors of sexual abuse especially in her community, as she said on her Ted talk #Metoo was created to help the victims of sexual abuse so that they feel that they can heal, and to encourage women of similar experiences to stand up for themselves.

Tarana Burke

In 2017 the movement went too viral when the American Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted on her Twitter account #Metoo to denounce the infamous American producer Harvey Weinstein who was accused of rape and sexual battery in the world of Hollywood, which he’s already serving 23 years prison, and he will be sentenced on 23 of February according to Los Angeles superior court .

Alyssa Milano
Harvey Weinstein


#Metoo has a positive reaction worldwide, which it has been affecting one third of women in the globe it also impacts on the justice system to pay more attention to sexual assault towards women and the most important thing thanks to Tarana Burke women around the globe could denounce any predator doesn’t matter his social class or who he is.

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  1. 💜 I Totally Agree with this EveryOne; lest We Forget, many men have been castrated either Psychologically (Affairs, Being Divorced and Financially Fleeced) or Physically (basically Bobbitted) EveryBody; personally I AM Single because I like Being Alive and my dangly bits downstairs still attached to me…to be honest (TBH) a “movement” is capable of creating a climate of Healthy Change; but a “movement” is also capable of Inciting WAR!!! it ALL depends on the approach of the “movement” for example Gal Gadot of ‘Wonder Woman’ fame threatened to Quit Performing unless “Harvey Weinstein” was taken out of the film making equation…he was Taken Out by Honourable Men who Listened to Gal; gentlemen who respect ladies, especially those who restrain themselves from chopping off dangly bits and killing men

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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  2. I love the #MeToo movement since it helps encourage women to speak up but what saddens me is how much the women who do speak up go through. They are almost always accused of lying etc. And even after all that many of those men accused go free or get a very light sentence.

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