At 56 years old the antisemitic, and the dictator of Germany had decided to end up his life. Thus, did Hitler fake his death or did he expire his life for love?


Eva Braun was born in 1912 in Munich Germany into a middle class Catholic family, She was a photographer, at 17 years old she was the assistant of Heinrich Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer and friend…thus, Hoffmann introduces Eva to Hitler, and that’s how she becomes Hitler’s secret mistress.


Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had a secret relationship like for example Braun never joined a Nazi party, Hitler who maintained to have a clandestine relationship as it’s claimed ”He wants to devote his life to Germany” Braun was 100% loyal to Hitler, she wanted him badly but Hitler while he was with her, he had many relationships with other women, but Eva Braun she always desired to marry him.During 28-29-30 April 1945 Eva Braun and Hitler got married in Berlin secretly, and in less than 24h they committed suicide Hitler by shooting himself and Braun by consuming many pills in Hitler’s banker, and according to Hitler’s wishes their corpses were burned and buried.


There are many conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death as, for instance, he faked his death and escaped to Argentina with Braun because his body remains weren’t found…. It was only in 2000 that some images of his body were in an exhibition in Moscow. Thus, what do you think was Hitler’s death fake or real?

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    💎 There is NOT!!! an Individual who Doesn’t Know the Difference between HARMING!!! and HELPING!!! EveryOne; sure, some ARE MisGuided and that applies to ALL of Us…so, for example, I was Brutally Beaten as a Child; technically in Law ASSAULTED!!! but the Law doesn’t Recognise ASSAULT!!! in Domestic Violence against those who were Born in to Violent Families or those We CHOOSE!!!to Live With SomeOne who Commits Extreme Violent Acts EveryBody…whatever Their Gender; whether it Be Psychological or Physical

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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  2. As a historian, I believe that he did really die since all the evidence points to it. However, I do understand why people are skeptical of his death since so many Nazi’s escaped. And a lot of things in history are covered up so you never really know the truth. Even today, more information is coming to light about so many historical events that were fabricated or covered up.

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