The Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga last advertising campaign went too contrevantial due to featuring children cuddling teddy bears in bondage gear.

Nevertheless, beside the objectification of children in other campaign featuring ”Adidas” they have posted a post in which it embodies a page from 2008 SCOTUS United States v. Williams; advertising child pornography as a federal crime not protected by free speech. As well, in another post with the French actress ” Isabelle Huppert” includes in the background a ”Michael Borremans” book, whereby the Belgian artist’s work features bare children …….


The brand apologized and deleted their Twitter account and their posts on Instagram, along with suing the set designer and the production company for $25M.


I do feel really sorry for these kids and pretty disgusted of Balenciaga and the parents of these kids for putting their children in such a situation…Personally, I don’t believe Balenciaga’s regret or apologizes because I do trust the idea that they are well aware of the minimum details… Thus, what’s y’all perspectives about this case?

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share y’all thoughts with us down below// Take Care//


  1. Wow, that is definitely not okay. Them apologising does not make what they did any less disgusting. Children are often objectified and sexualised by fashion companies and the media and it’s really disgusting to see. I also don’t trust their apology because how many people must that campaign have gone through before it was posted and yet none of them saw anything wrong with it. They only took it down because of the controversy.

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  2. In this day and age, it is ludicrous to think that a major ad campaign for a fashion house was not approved by the highest level of management, and if it wasn’t, that’s a poorly run company. In either case, responsible people who can afford the fashions and/or are active investors can “protest” loudly by how they spend/invest their Euros/Dollars!

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  3. I agree with you. I don’t believe their apology simply because they were fully aware of what those pictures/ads looked like PRIOR to them being released. They go through multiple layers of editing, approvals etc.

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  4. Thank you for also mentioning the parents of these kids – how did they okay this?!?!?!
    I feel like social media has pushed so many parents to a point where they are just okay with using their kids in any way possible for profits.

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