Perhaps Plato was right about Atlantis! Thus, let’s discover 3odd places underwater.


Yonaguni is an underwater rock pyramid near to yonaguni island in Japan, was discovered in the mid 1980s by the Japanese geologist and professor ”Masaaki Kimura”. There are dozens of theories around Yonaguni because no one knows who constructed it and when, as well the pyramid conceived of being built by non-human creatures, but after Kimura’s discovery, he concludes that the pyramid is man-made, even tho his conclusion didn’t convince many.


The mysterious symmetrical and geometric stone, which were discovered by ”Pauline Zalitzki” and her husband ”Paul Weinzweig” they cover an area of 2sq km at depth between 609/750 m.Whereby, many experts believe that the structures are too deep to be man-made, and there’s no beneficiary that the city belongs to an ancient civilization.


Shicheng or Lion city is an ancient underwater city, was flooded in 1959 to create space for a hydroelectric dam due to government orders… It’s said the odd thing about this ancient city is that it was built with 5 city gates as opposite to the norm 4.

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share y’all thoughts with us down below// Take Care//



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