Socialism and Capitalism are both political and economic systems whichever, both have negative and positive aspects. Thus, let’s talk about capitalism and socialism.


Capitalism is a political, cultural and economic system in which a country’s trade controlled by private owners for profit, which means that a part of the economy is run by individuals isn’t a state controlled.Before capitalism was feudalism in which was a precursor of capitalism. Modern capitalism emerged in the early 19th century in Western Europe due to the rise of the industrialization of mass enterprises…. It isn’t fair to talk about capitalism without bringing up Marxism, Karl Max trusted the idea that capitalism is a system that alienates the masses and inevitably to destroy itself.


Socialism is a political and economic system in which the means of production should be owned by the community as a whole.It emerged in the 1789 French Revolution, in which it arose as a response to the consequences of the industrial revolution.


So as you guys heeded capitalism and socialism are paradoxical thus, let’s see their characteristics to define their differences.The main characteristics of capitalism are private property, competitive markets, income inequality and economic freedom.As the central characteristics of socialism are social security, social welfare rather than the private profit, equal opportunities to all, and no completion.


In my regard capitalism ignores the martyr of the working class that works too harsh to survive, and socialism even tho has its advantages as free health care for example, but it slows the economic growth, absence of completion….. That’s why I believe that for a good economic system, it should be a mingle of capitalism and socialism. So what’s y’all thoughts about the debate?

So i hope y’all enjoyed it don’t forget to share your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//



  1. This is an excellent post!

    You brought up and described the most powerful economic dynamic of the past 200 years – the differences and strengths of Capitalism vs Socialism. And yes…the blending of the two systems seems to be the best answer. Of course, this is the tricky part also. 🙂

    The Social Democracy model – which allows for a strong and regulated free-market for goods and services, combined with a strong social safety net that provides for social services, seems to be very popular through the world. This format seems to combine Capitalism and Socialism well.

    Thx for posting!

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    1. Thanks 🙏
      Yeah, it’s true the combination of the two systems is pretty tricky… Especially with today’s leaders that the majority of them think just about themselves and their pockets…. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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  2. Capitalism is growth driven. Socialism is a maintenance system to provide a safety net for those that are unable to care for themselves. What issue I see with socialism is that those that administer it are not solution driven. If they solved the problems of need, their entire bureaucracy would crumble. Or simply put eliminate their own jobs. A little socialism goes a long way.

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  3. Interesting conversation, nowadays i think we can make it work mixing these two systems, but challenging too. As i see it most of the time there is not only one leader but two. That confuses the people who try to work it out ,and even thought the background is exactly the same, the demands are formulated differently.

    Secondly, in all experimental society the stress and control in all parts is often at it maximum which also create unexpected “out of the tracks” situations.
    I didn’t get the part talking about the problem solving of needs , but all problems should be solved

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  4. If there would be a balance between the two ✌️, I’m optimistic that there would be success, perpetuity and prosperity. If the global economy would just adapt this two systems and put strategies towards the implementation, certainly the blending of both would work. If I become a president when I grow up, I’ll actualize this

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