Very likely that human beings aren’t the only genus of creators that god created magnificently in this marvelous world.


Mermaids are sea-dwelling creatures with the body and head of a woman and a fish’s tail.There are many types of mermaids, for instance:

”SIRENS”-Which are evil, harmful mermaids.

”AYCAYIA”-Based from Puerto Rico, and Cuba she’s known for her lovely voice, and her seductiveness.

”MAMI WATA”– She is discerned of being venerated in central and Southern Africa.


100BC ”ATARGATIS” was an Assyrian goddess of fertility, water, and moon. She fell in love with a mortal, and had a daughter together suddenly she caused the death of her husband by accident due to guilt she drowned herself in water, in which water transformed her lower body to a fishtail …. It is said that ”ATARGATIS” is the first mermaid that have existed in history.



Many people in history claimed that they saw mermaids as the Italian-born explorer ”CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS” which he recorded in his journal; he was sailing near to the Dominican Republic when he saw 3 mermaids, in which he described them as ”NOT HALF AS BEAUTIFUL AS THEY ARE PAINTED”, but there are people who said that perhaps he saw ”DUGONG”, which is a large sea animal that is founded in the pacific and Indian oceans.In 1967 a ferry with tourists were amazed to discern a blond mermaid in the beach in Mayne Island. Archeological talking , there’s no real evidence of mermaids existence beside hoaxes, as in the case of ” FEEJEE ”mermaid. Thus, what do you think mermaids are real or a charming myth?

So i hope y’all enjoyed it don’t forget to share your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//



  1. Well said, but l think real or not, evil or not, life goes on. For instance l am not your follower, but your posts keep coming to me. I can choose to read or not to, the choice is mine. So, can we choose to believe in mermaids or not to. But, we should not forget “what we mostly think and believe controls us”

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