Despite that we live in a horrendous patriarchal world, women had achieved and still achieving many glories. Thus, let’s get inspired from 5 women who had shifted the world substantially.


Was born in1820, in Adamas Massachusetts whereby, she paved the way for giving the right to vote for women 16 years after she refused to pay a fine due to her illegally vote in the presidential elections as a woman.


Chenna was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1941. She’s more known as the Moroccan ”Mother Teresa”, in 1985 she founded the association ” Solidarité féminine” opening its doors to all single mothers.


Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacan Mexico in 1954, in which she impacted the world of art by breaking a lot of barriers through her majestic paintings.


Tubman was born on a plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland around 1820, throughout 1844 she escaped slavery, and led at least 70 people to freedom, including that she was also a nurse and a union spy.


Was born in 1835 in Pekin China, Empress Dowager is one of the most important figures in China, in which she ruled China for decades, and launched modern China.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//


  1. Also Mother Teresa 🧕
    She established The Missionaries of Charity to aid the world’s poorest people and care for abandoned infants.
    Marie Curie as well. 👩‍🔬
    Marie Curie is revered for her groundbreaking work in cancer research, particularly her discovery of radium and polonium.
    Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know about the 5 women listed here.

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  2. 💜 As a Divorcee where my former and only wife exercised her power that very nearly had me committing suicide I do wonder about some things about lady logic that some label a Contradiction-In-Terms EveryOne; this is a powerful treatise on ladies who refused to complain about patriarchy and, instead, CHOSE!!! to do something about it…let’s break it down EveryBody; ergo:

    💎 1. A son is born to a mother who exhorts him to be a man; then is disappointed in his sexism as a Male Groan Up simply behaving as his mother taught him to
    💎 2. Ladies compete with each other for the ‘good catch’ engaging with a system that they claim to despise; hypocrisy at its absolute worse, absurdity of the Highest Order
    💎 3. The really smart lady, or gent for that matter, refuses to engage with patriarchy or matriarchy whether for or against; because the way to feed a monstrous system is to engage with it instead of letting it consume itself or starve itself to death

    …just my opinion as a bitter, twisted Divorcee who understands that a wedding is Simply a Stage for The Bride and has nothing to do with The Marriage Vows that end in Divorce; the only thing I AM now Certain about a ladys Psychological MakeUp (pun definitely intended) is Her Confusion…incidentally male suicide rates are much higher than female suicide rates; as Bill Shakes put it in Hamlet “The lady doth protest too much” instead of actually Trying To Do SomeThing about Her Confused State of Mind…


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  3. I’ve learnt about all these women in various history courses except Chenna. She’s new to me but I will be reading up on her. I always love learning about women like these. They’re so inspiring.

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