Dozen of cordial clothes stuck on my closet,fearing to be devoured as an appealing meal.

We are living in dread, within a society full of predators,but with that trepidation we go to school,we go to work,and we try to mingle in this society full of predators.

Patriarchy emerged from a depth inferiority and insecurity. In the Middle Ages women were burned because of being educated,in the 18th century women were treated as slaves,in the 19th century women were out of control of their lives, couldn’t vote, couldn’t be a land owner and so on…… without daring yourself to speak out, because a cruel penalities are waiting for you. In the 20th century women still fighting sexual abuse at work, and in the 21st century women still fighting to warranty their places in this society in a equally way,and wrestle of being murdered due to barbarous laws.

If freedom seems to you spread out worldwide you are in a total astray, because the predators still promenade in this society willingly.


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