Disney marked many generations with their movies, especially Disney princesses, but the real version of these movies could be a victory or a real tragedy.


Mulan was produced by Walt Disney feature animation and released in 1998 by Walt Disney Pictures. The story is about ”FA MULAN” the daughter of an aged warrior ”FA ZHOU”, in which she personates of being a man to take her father’s place during hun invasion….


The animation movie is based from an ancient Chinese folk story called ”THE BALLAD OF MULAN”, in which it takes place in the northern Wei dynasty that ruled northern China from 386 to 535. Mulan’s real name is ”HUA MULAN” which means ”Magnolia flower”,”THE BALLAD OF MULAN” is a chinese poem of anonymous origin that contains 360 words, which it depicts the story of Mulan who joined the army in her father’s place who couldn’t join it due to his elderliness impersonated as a male. Thus, there’s no huge differences between the real story and the Disney movie, but many historians don’t believe that Mulan existed in history because there is no evidence to confirm that it is real,but personally I do believe that Mulan existed before because I do trust the idea of any tale has its truth, in which anything got the inspiration from something real. SO, WHAT’S Y’ALL PERSPECTIVES?

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//



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