Vampires are constantly associated with the novel of Dracula by the Irish writer Bram stoker, published in 1897, but are vampires myth or verity?


A vampire is a creature that preys humans by consuming their blood. Vampires typically are pale skin, with huge canines and can’t face the sun it’s said they can’t go in daylight because it can cause them death.


The origin of the word ”Vampire” is from Eastern Europe, but was first appeared in English in 1732. So Dracula was described by Sam Stoker with a long mustache, sharp teeth, thin and with pointed ears in which was living in a castle located in Romania. Sam Stoker wrote the novel from his imagination not from historical features, which was about Harker that escapes the castle after discovering that Dracula was a vampire…. The story was written in a time when stories about the supernatural were popping in Britain.

Vlad Impaler

Vlad Impaler was a 15th century ruler of Wallachian (Romania) he was nicknamed Vlad Dracula because he was drinking the blood of his enemies which were the ottomans, and the Hungarians the number of his victims is about 80,000 people.


In modern times vampires were myth, fictitious which are originated from Eastern Europe folklore in the 17th and 18th centuries then they become prominent after Sam Stoker published his novel ”DRACULA” in 1897. But there exist people who have an obsession in drinking human blood, in which it’s called ”RENFIELD’S SYNDROME” or ” CLINICAL VAMPIRISM”. So what do you think vampires do exist, or it is just a fictional tale originated from Eastern Europe?.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//



  1. Always loved reading about vampires. Don’t think they exist as they appear in fiction, but I’ll agree that none of us know everything. The myth explains something we don’t understand in either ourselves or in the real world.

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