Many artists around the globe marked different sectors of art, like Picasso in the paint industry, Chanel in fashion or Conrad in literature, but we cannot separate the art from the artist.


Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter considered one of the greatest in the 20th century. I believe that Picasso is a great archetype of, we shouldn’t separate the art from the artist. Picasso was a sadist who was having fun beating women till loosing consciousness, which was the case of the photographer” DORA MAAR” (Picasso’s girlfriend) just after abusing her sexually, and mentally he starts painting his famous ”Works of art”or also the case of ”MARIE-THERESE WALTER” the woman of his daughter ”MAYA” who committed suicide because of him the evidence was found in her personal journal. Including we can find a whole collection of his painting called ” LE VIOL” /” THE RAPE”.


Joseph Conrad regarded as one of the greatest English novelist as he’s regarded also as a huge racist, and xenophobe, in which in his book ”HEART OF DARKNESS” he described Africans as ” Unhappy savages”,” Human like creatures” or ” Cannibals” and so on….. counting xenophobe, and Eurocentrism… Deliberately to justify the colonization that is unjustifiable.


Gabrielle Chanel Was a French fashion designer and the landlord of ”Chanel” the luxurious brand. It’s said that Gabrielle Chanel was anti-Semitic even tho we don’t have a solid evidence, but during the second world war she was in a secret love relationship with the Nazi officer ” HANS GUNTHER VON DINCKLAGE”, as in the time of the German colonization Chanel reclaimed that she will free France by talking to the Hitler’s right hand, which means she was really in an intimate circle with the Nazis, thus even tho we don’t have a solid evidence but as its’ said ” Tell me who you go with I’ll tell you who you are”.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//


  1. Appreciate the education… just show we we are conditioned to only see one side of each story… the good and bad is in every one and society has a way of hiding what it doesn’t want you to know, the reasons endless and mostly self serving…
    Great post !

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  2. Wow, kind of scary how we only hear certain things about people but never the full truth. I have been reading up on artists and their dark pasts and there are quite a few that have done some very questionable things.

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  3. What a fascinating post. Thanks for sharing this information! It’s very common that artists are venerated because of their work. And like what Sharon said, their darker side is often forgotten or ignored. When appreciating art it is important to know who these artists are, what they stand for and then make your own conclusion if you want to separate art from the artist. Providing such an insightful blog post helps in this debate – thanks for sharing!

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  4. I think that many artists’ dark sides are such common knowledge that it’s hard to discuss their work with some mixed emotions. Writers such as Hemingway, Mailer, Ezra Pound, and William Burroughs are notorious for their bad behavior. Burroughs even killed his wife while trying to shoot an apple off her head.

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