My only regret in life is not to be born in the 90s, I have a huge fondness of 90s music, movies, and especially fashion…. One of the best things in our generation is that the 90s fashion trends are back, thus let’s discover 5 nostalgic fashion trends from the 90s.


Silky dresses integrate elegance, simplicity, and prodigious. were worn in wedding ceremonies, parties or in the most important events.


Biker shorts always remind me of this popular picture of ”LADY DIANA”. We cannot deny that this trend have an important moment in fashion.



We cannot talk about the 90s fashion trends without mentioning Headbands, and Bandana style. For which headbands were introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1930s, and bandanas were more popular in the Hip-HOP, POP….


Track Jackets made a comeback in the late 1990s for both sexes.


Jeans were the key in the 90s fashion, in which still ruling the industry until that day.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//


  1. What defined fashion in the 90’s was grunge. What you’ve sown are all fashions from previous eras still being worn in the 90’s. You wanna think Seattle music scene and Kurt Cobain to depict what changed fashion, and sadly it was flannel. Spandex came in the 80’s when Jane Fonda became famous for aerobics. Bell bottom jeans were from the 70’s. The silky-slip dresses were Madonna, again in the 80’s and those leisure jackets are like WHAM late 80’s pastels. Head bands were sorta sixties with Mary Tyler Moore.
    The bandana’s are 70’s. So… you don’t know anything about fashion but what you like.


    1. Well… I knew that some of these trends are from previous eras( 70s/80s) ,but they marked fashion in the 90s…… As some of these trends are back in our era.I didn’t want to talk about grunge because I’m not a huge fan of this trend so I’ve mentioned 5 trends that I adore…. So, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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      1. That’s true. Plus spandex changed in the 90’s to accommodate the rollerblading craze that started in Chicago. And Grunge can hardly be called fashion, if you ask me… but Vogue did a whole spread on it in the 90’s and camped on it so it’s the defining trend of that era. Thanks for allowing my comments!

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  2. The 90’s was definitely a very colourful and oversized era but great times and can still see a lot of the styles still going with todays youth especially the sneakers!! Thanks for the post!!!

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