According to urban dictionary definition of ”Girl boss” the term describe a woman who is self-made, running her own business….. The term was coined by the founder of the fast fashion website ”NASTY GAL” Sophia Amoruso in 2014.

The issue of our era is that things lose their flavors easily, to elaborate it more everything become just a trend including careers, like for instance girl boss culture is a huge example, in which it becomes an urge for some women to dropout college, work behind desk for just being a boss lady even thought being a boss is not their thing, and that’s the problem with ”Girl boss culture” is that horrify work behind desk and descent lifestyle without getting into consideration that everybody has it’s niche,there are some women who desire to be bosses which is great for them, and there are also some women who want to be an employees which is also great for them.

Furthermore, I’ve found online a huge misunderstanding between ”GIRL BOSS”, and ”FEMINISM”, in my regard I believe that there is a huge difference between them. Feminism is about sex equality economically, socially, and politically for all women, in which women around the glob will be able to make their own decisions in life….. So I think there’s nothing to do with the two terms.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//


  1. 💜 Gender Bias is interesting EveryOne; basically Different Genders have different approaches to ALL Areas of 3DLife…a “Girl Boss” is similar to a ‘Boy Boss’ or any other Gender “Boss” EveryBody; as a Writer Semantics Fascinate Me


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    1. You’re right! Whatever your gender is if you want to become a “Boss” you’re a “Boss”period. Personally I’ve never understood this terms…… Thanks Yernasia for sharing your thoughts with us 💛

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    1. I’ve just read the article it’s well written,but the issue here is that everybody want to become a “girl boss” without knowing exactly if we want to become it or we are just following the trends…. I fell like it has been romanticized also I’m not a huge fan of the term i prefer just

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      1. Oh, that makes sense just “boss” like adding female actor or a separate word like actress isn’t necessary, because they are actors like anyone else that acts. Thanks for clarifying!
        I don’t mind the term “girl boss” if anyone wants to apply it (including sassy LGBTQ folks) but I see where it can be a stereotypical ‘box’ so… to each is own on this one. 😉
        Thanks for talking about it.

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  2. 💜 As an Intelligent Black Boy The Racist Labels used to get me offended; then something really wierd happened, when the non-black said “NIGGER!!!” I said “So what?” and told me to “FUCK OFF!!!” so make of that what YOU!!! Will



  3. You’re so right! Trends are pretty hard to follow especially when they can be so tempting! Some last longer than others and it’s so easy to get pulled into it making hasty decisions. Women also need to support women! Feminism is a team effort and when some girl bosses put others down their ‘trend’ is over.

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