I will pass my finals next week, which means I’ve passed this past few two weeks studying hard …… Suddenly, I started wondering who is this endearing, lovable person who created exams?


Henry Fischel was born in Germany 1913, was an American-German professor of eastern languages, and cultures at Indiana University, businessman, and philanthropist. Fischel was also a huge, influential figure of founding the Jewish studies program at Indiana University. Thus, somewhere in the 19th century he created exams to test students ability to use their knowledge, and China was the first country to implement examination in schools. (SO, THANK YOU MISTER FISCHEL FOR THIS ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE)


The educational system before the 19th century was collapsed, many students at the time skipped schools for long periods to take care of family duties….. Rich people took private lessons with tutors, and the majority of students worked with teachers in small groups. The earliest evidence of examination at this era were: Public lecture or oral forms of disputation, questions, and answers or defense.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//



  1. Ok wow!! This is an interesting blog.
    I love the idea of this.
    Also, I wonder if exams were there before this? Like in sons of kings had to show their ability through various test. Doesn’t that count as exams?

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    1. Thanks 🤍
      I didn’t find many informations about it,but as i wrote in the second part of my article the educational system before exam was like, public lectures,oral questions and answers….
      Yeah, i think it does count as an exams in that era.

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  2. My wife is a professor at a university, so this is interesting to me. Most of her students would love to do away with exams, but the current records show that when exams are not given, students learn significantly less! The exam is less a test of what the students know and more of a lesson in itself of what they need to learn.
    Thanx for some interesting history.

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