Summer is knocking on our doors, thus as I envisage we’ll see a bunch of these toxic publications on social media about ”SUMMER BODY”…., in which a lot of folks will start a strict diet so that they will fit in the frame that society, and social media have established.


Diet Culture is the belief that appearance and body shape are more important than the psychological, physical and general well-being, in which it produces a specific idea of toxic beauty standards that it isn’t realistic. Diet culture can be dangerous especially when it drastically cuts calories because human being needs calories to keep the body efficient therefore, it can also lead to a lower resting energy expenditure, unhealthy changes in body compositions, reducing bones density, and binge-eating.


Diet Culture go back to the ancient Greeks that believed being fat was an imbalance that should be correcting. The first book that was published concerning diet is ” LETTRE ON CORPULENCE” that was written by the English undertaker William Banting in 1864. Later, in the 1920s the cigarette diet trend was so bias which it consists of smoking instead of eating, and in the early 19’s the heroin chic which was a controversial look that fit an extreme thin physical pared with pale skin and dark circles.


In this regard I believe that human beings should be cautious about their own health, but in a sain way which means everything with balance…. We should educate ourselves, pay attention to what brands want to sell to us , and be away from this toxic beauty standards. DO WHAT YOU WANT, EAT WHAT YOU WANT, AND LOOK LIKE HOW THE FCK YOU WANT.

So, i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down bellow.// Take Care//



  1. It is so ingrained especially for women. As you get older it still hangs over you this quest to be slim/thin to be worthwhile despite all your other achievements. But cultural norms are there to be broken and replaced with a healthier culture of self worth. Thank you for calling it out.

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  2. In her book Shrill>/b> the author Lindy West writes about how, by society’s standards, she’s “overweight” but her blood pressure, cholesterol, and other indicators are within normal or healthy ranges.
    There’s a lesson for all of us in that: conforming to someone else’s ideal may be less healthy than just accepting ourselves as we are.

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  3. The cigarette diet? OMG. Over the years I’ve found that the ‘diet’ that works best for me is the one that involves stuffing less – or only as much as I need – into my mouth. It beats the hell out of Banting, Keto and all the others being touted as the only way.

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