La haute couture is one of the most important sectors in the fashion industry. Every year, there are twice couture fashion shows that characterize the fashion industry. So who created la Haute Couture?

Thus, as y’all know la haute couture is the “BUSINESS” of making expensive clothes of original design and high quality, that was created by the one and only “CHARLES FREDERICK WORTH”.


So, CHARLES was an English fashion designer born in 13 October 1825 in BOURNE, he’s considered as the father of la haute couture. In 1845, he arrived in Paris at the age of 21 with only £5 in his pocket and with no French, which he was a sales assistant at a prestige Parisian firm that sold silk fabrics.

He began sewing simple dresses, but one day his pieces of art caught the eye of the store’s clients, then he got the permission to open a dress department, in 1858 “LA MAISON WORTH & BOBERG”was opened with a young Swedish business partner ” otto gustav boberg”

In 1871 Charles dissolved his association with Boberg and established “HOUSE OF WORTH” the first house of la Haute couture, which is specializes in la haute couture and perfumes, then he hosted the first fashion show.

His wonderful talent made him the first official dressmaker of empress Eugènie wife of Napoleon III and empress of France.


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