Have you ever heard about ” YELLOW JOURNALISM ” or thought about what’s the history of clickbait?

So, Yellow Journalism it’s a type of journalism, that was coined in the mid 19th century, which presents low quality news and relies on flashy techniques in order to sell more and grab the reader’s attention. The term ” YELLOW JOURNALISM” come from a popular New York world comic ” HOGAN’S ALLEY ”, which featured a yellow dress character named ” THE YELLOW KID”.

Thus, ”CLICKBAIT” is nothing new, despite its recent popularity… Its root ”YELLOW JOURNALISM” centuries ago.


That ”YELLOW JOURNALISM” was the cause of a war declaration between the USA and SPAIN.

On February 15/ 1898 a massive explosion sinks the battleship USS in Cuban’s HAVANA harbor, killing 260 out of 400 American members aboard. The main had been sent to Cuba to protect the interests of Americans there after a rebellion against Spanish rule broke out in HAVANA.

So, NEW YORK WORLD journal a popular journal at the time reported blaming Spain that caused that explosion.

But, Spain has nothing to do with that, the explosion was caused by a fire that ignites its ammunition stocks. SO,i believe that was the first clickbait in history.

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below. // TAKE CARE//


  1. Perhaps that could be the origin in politics, clickbait is the concept of deception and fraud, of course many of us like to be deceived and believe in the most amazing instead of the truth, something that content creators have been able to exploit .

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