To learn a foreign language you should have strategies, techniques… and to create a specific routine so that you’ll be able to achieve your goal.

1- You have to create a weekly to-do list, concerning your target language so that you’ll still familiar with the language 24/7.

2-When you are a beginner in the language, grab just the basics, don’t perplex yourself step by step you will get it all.

3-Repetition is the key, you have to find a time once in a week and repeat all the work that you have done that week, so that the new vocabulary and the grammar stuff will be grounded on your noggin.

4-If you’re learning a specific language because is a hobby to you, don’t rush yourself and will be better to not determine a deadline take your time and enjoy the journey until you achieve your goal but, if learning a new language is a must due to professional reasons… I think that’s not the case.

5-15 minutes per day is more useful than 1h or more… little steps will guide you to huge results with time.

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down below.//TAKE CARE//



  1. very reasonable steps! me as a learner of English spend 15- 30 minutes every day trying to improve my English! Listening is important for me. I listen to one English video (about 10 minutes) every day. It helps me to prove my listening and understanding the oral speech. Thank you.

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  2. These are great tips! I’ve been learning German for over an year. I try never to rush myself and only move forward when I’m sure I’ve learnt what I was working on. Also remaining consistent and doing daily practices has helped a lot too.

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  3. Cannot agree more with the “15 mins a day is more useful than an hour or more” I tried to learn Japanese before but relearning it again. The difference before these two attempts is the length of learning process everyday. I used to be aggressive and tried to learn as many as possible but my passion gradually fade and so did the language. Now I’m taking 15 mins a day to learn and my language skill snowballs. Which language are you learning now?

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  4. Yo intento escribir cada dîa en un idioma que estoy aprendiendo, o en mi blog, o en mi diario.
    I try to write each day in a language I am learning, either on my blog, or in my journal.

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      1. Tb escribo revistas de un programa en cada idioma que hablo: los jueves es el dîa de castellano, aunque la mayorilla de lo que escribo en mi blog debe ser en inglés, ya que mis lectores hablan éste idioma, y por desgracia, no tengo lectores hispanohablantes, que yo sepa.

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      2. A ver yo hablo 4 idiomas y en el mismo tiempo yo intento de advenzar mi nivel en español, porque amo aprender idiomas nuevas descubrir culturas extranjeras …… Es como un hobby para mí.

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