Miss universe is a competition in which women from different countries around the glob compete to be judged the most beautiful and to win the title of miss universe, the first ceremony ever of Miss Universe was in the 28th June 1952 won by ARMI KUUSELA from Finland.

Armi Kuusela

The thing is that not any woman could be MISS UNIVERSE due to some criteria that you should have to participate:

– The age should be between 18/27.

– The candidates must not have been married, pregnant or parenting a child.

– Should stay in “SHAPE” because are rated on their appearances.

Personally I see that this competition is pretty toxic and sexist about women’s representation, we live in an era that we’re fighting for women’s rights and vanishing the toxic way that the society see women….. Which is wonderful, but this competition demonstrate all these toxic areas, as you can see in the criteria of MISS UNIVERSE.

Also, the way that these women are judged in these two rounds of “EVENING GOWN” and “SWIMSUIT”, which actually is kind of toxic to me, because women are more than their physical appearances or their bodies.

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down below//Take Care//


  1. When I was a little girl I used to think that beauty pageants were everything. I used to want to look as beautiful as the contestants I saw on the stage.
    But as I grew up I realised that all pageants did was promote toxicity and competition amongst us women. That made me lose complete interest in them.

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  2. When a tradition becomes ingrained in a society, it is a difficult thing to overcome. Someone once proposed a “Most beautiful pregnant woman on the globe” contest. But once spoken, there was a pregnant silence. The would-be commercial sponsors had a cow. They wanted “best delivery.” Let’s just hope that when people from other planets in outer space come here that they don’t bring their own traditions here. I don’t think we need to be judging for a Miss Milky Way Galaxy, the most beautiful 3-eyed, ten armed woman from outer space. In 13.61 billion years they haven’t progressed socially very much, just progressed in science.

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  3. Although it is true that women are more than their physical appearance, the participants of the miss universe are also studied women and with many social tasks is not only aesthetic, they have to demonstrate a level of charisma when modeling, it should also be remembered that there are other contests of beauty that contain other categories, as well as mr olimpia in bodybuilding has some parameters, the miss universe also does it because that is part of its identity, the problem is when having multiple styles of beauty we want to fit into one that does not it’s ours, at richercollections we say “each body is a unique canvas with its own artist”.

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