Actually I’ve been hesitating to talk about that topic, because it’s so controversial but, honestly, I want to discuss it a while ago, so yeah let’s talk about Plastic surgery. Typically, there are two kinds of people towards that topic, there are folks that are with plastic surgery and other folks that are not with but either not against, I barely see people that are against cosmetic surgery.

Personally, I see it in a total different side. Actually as a woman we’ve been told since our young age to be beautiful, always “PRESENTABLE” more than to focus on our education or our personalities….. comparing to guys, so that we grew up in a pressure to look in a certain way, focusing on our personal appearance a lot in a point that sometimes turns to a deep complexes. For my own I have nothing against people who do plastic surgery everybody is free to do what he wants with his body, but personally I’m not with plastic surgery concerning myself due to many reasons.

Frankly we live in a toxic society that wants to lead us to a specific BEAUTY STANDARDS, Personally I see from that point insecurities/ complexities come from so, the core of the problem is not your body but your mind, not the body who needs plastic surgery but the mind who needs therapy.

Bunch of people they do cosmetic surgery to fit to the” TOXIC BEAUTY STANDARDS”, which is a huge issue because in that case plastic surgery is just a bandage to a deep wounds. So the question here is you want that plastic surgery for yourself or to fit to that toxic beauty standards? So personally I see that if is not for a health thing, I’m not 100% with the plastic surgery. So yeah that is just my own point of view, I’m so curious to see yours.

So I hope y’all enjoyed it, don’t forget to share  your thoughts with us down below //TAKE CARE// And don’t forget that you are more than your physical appearance .



  1. I’m actually glad you choose to do this topic you should be allowed without consequences. It’s a touchy subject as people now voice exactly what’s on their minds. I think you did very great job on this. I don’t mind plastic surgery to be frankly honest I’ve considered breast implants. I’ll probably never ever do it I just can’t lol to afraid. I do think some take it way over the top though. For example that one guy who has given up his entire career and life to be the real life Superman. I couldn’t imagine wanting to be someone else that much to go under the knife as much as he had to just be this figure we know as a superhero.

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  2. Let people be what they want to be…to each his own. Unfortunately, many draw confidence from their looks and not from their brain. Yes, one should be ‘presentable’ but how you define ‘being presentable’ is what matters. Is it being natural , accepting yourself the way you are and presenting your best or is it artificially creating a look ? The debate will go on and on.
    Well articulated thoughts..
    Stay blessed always 🌹🙏🌹

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us 🤗 I meant by “being presentable” to create a look a persona to act in a certain way that doesn’t define who you really are….. Really is unfortunate that people define each other by physical appearances

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  3. One way to started a heated debate in an African home: “tell your parents you are going for a plastic surgery”. Just make sure you are independent enough on your own😅
    I have nothing against plastic surgery though.

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  4. Hi,
    I knew a co worker who had her breasts enlarged, the reason was not to expose them but that when she wore clothes they fit better… she said even women who had natural B or C cup did understand the reason, but she said it was strange to have them there when she was flat all her life lol
    Good post

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  5. so…have you have any implants yourself ? or would in the future ? and my friend ( co worker ) yes she let me see her new breasts….beautiful !
    have a saucy day : p

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    1. Nah actually i haven’t any implants cause I’m not interested…. in the future i don’t know i can’t say never cause our thoughts change with time …. And I’m happy for your co worker ❤️
      Have a nice day 😊

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      1. lol, yeah she’s happy too, so may I ask what makes you in the mood for romance ? my favorite thing i love to do after a date…oiled, nude massage…i love doing that for a woman…love the feel of the skin of a woman, and their submission ( not gross type you hear about ) relax, and well leads to a nice time of romance…
        thanks for comments

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