History is full of bizarre events that we don’t study in school. As is said, “HISTORY IS A GREEK WORD WHICH MEANS LITERALLY JUST INVESTIGATION” -Arnold Toynbee.


During WW2 a polish soldiers found a bear cub, so one of the soldiers took the bear and named him “WOJTEK”, and he was trained in part by a civilian refugee. So the soldier bear was actually enlisted as a soldier in the polish army in order to provide for his ration and transportation and given his own playbook, serial numbers and rank in a clandestine way, been said that he would often sleep in bunks with other soldiers and helping transport supplies including heavy boxes of ammunition.

After the WW2 he was placed in the “EDINBURGH Zoo”, and he passed away at the age of 21.


Adolf Frederic was a king of Sweden from 1751——1770, his passion included making snuffboxes and fine dining. After consuming enormous meals, he passed away on 12 February 1771. At this dinner table he ate Caviar, Lobster, Sauerkraut, Kippers and drinking amounts of champagne and fourteen serving of his favorite delicious dessert semla.

After this amaze amount of food was enough to end the kings’ life.

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share y’all thoughts with us down below// Take Care//

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