A lot of people see that clothes are just a way of protection from coldness or hotness, or a reflection of the culture of a specific country.

Fashion is a substantial way of expression, what we chose to wear matter it expresses a hidden side of our personality that sometimes words or attitudes cannot express it.Most of the time when I do not feel good, or I don’t feel myself that much, I choose to wear something that I love and then boom I start feeling so powerful, sexy and confidentโ€ฆ Which means I start thinking positively so that my day start flourishing.

Personally I see that fashion is a great tool to improve your wellbeing it’s a great way to find mental stimulation, in turn building your confidence.Fashion is a magnificent way for expressing your self creativity and of sure your comfortability whatever your style is, even tho is not that trendy.

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down below.//Take Care//



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