Music change over time, cause our cultural evolution change, in result to produce a sophisticated, multiplex art.

As a big fan of music, I see that the 21st century music industry is sooo tacky in a way that everybody in our time is easy to call themselves an “ARTIST”, in addition to all songs that are kind of the same except a few artists that are unique.

The streaming killed the creativity kind of all the artists are following the same trends (TikTok…) Instead, to follow their own unique style, I think that the streaming era ended music legend persona.The reversal of the music industry which become so commercial of focusing more on make over the artist rather than focusing on a good lyrics or a new melody.


Beyoncé :Actually I’d never being a Beyoncé fan until I discovered her album “The Lion King: The Gift”and then after listening to it, I’ve changed my mind. She brings out the African on me so unique as an album, especially how the African culture is represented……..

LANA DEL REY: For me, she’s the queen of serenity and romance. I see that she’s so unique musically talking.

DRAKE :Personally I see Drake as the artist who puts the trend and after everybody is copy it. I also do love how he could go from rapping to singing in the same song.

So what’s the artists that you think are legends in our time?Hope y’all enjoyed it //TAKE CARE//

Author: marouabourni


7 thoughts on “21ST CENTURY MUSIC”

  1. All very great choices, though none I feel are legendary caliber yet. I miss the honesty, and relevance of Nina Simone, Janice Joplin, Marvin Gaye. Their legend is enduring. Right now Beyonce is an answer on Family Feud about big booties. Drake has that same stigma more about his looks than his talent. Great article though thanks for sharing.

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