A while ago I wrote an article about “TOXIC FEMININITY “,but womanhood is too far to be that poisonous. So toxic Masculinity is those toxic attitudes and behaves that have negative impact on manhood.

Toxic Masculinity is when men use their power over women or weaker men, is also the discrimination against people who aren’t heterosexual. Toxic Masculinity is acting aggressively, which for some men means that they’re showing their manhood by being aggressive or using treating violence.

Toxic Masculinity includes also treating sex as a competition and using women as an object or feeling entitled to sex from others like for example a man can hook up with more than a woman, but he’ll never gonna be called a” WHORE” but when a woman sleep with more than a man automatically she’s a “BITCH”.

Toxic Masculinity contains also trying to appear tough which means suppressing emotions and showing the mental and physical toughness with a deep fear to show their real emotions or for example to cry in front of people, which personally I see it as a huge problem MEN, or WOMEN are created with the same emotions so why to fake it.

So to sum up where these TOXIC FEMININITY and MASCULINITY comes from?

Long story short masculine and feminine behaviors are inherited from social environment we all grew up doomed that as an adult WOMEN should be caring, gentle, and pleasant to others and MEN should be tough, competitive and in charge…….. And that stop the human being to be he’s own damn self, the thing is just be you as you are and don’t let this barbarous toxic society standards to doome you your whole life.

Toxic Femininity=

So i hope y’all enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below.

Author: marouabourni


5 thoughts on “TOXIC MASCULINITY”

  1. I love the topics you write about, this being a very important one. Such gender roles are thrust upon us by the society and sadly, indifference is a gift very few have.
    Toxic masculinity (and femininity) have a real ring to them!

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