The definition of glow up in the urban dictionary is that incredible physical transformation from the top to the bottom. In this past few 5/6 years people become obsessed with glowing up in a toxic way which pop culture is a huge part of it.

Personally i see that the world become so superficial in a toxic way like for example the “Normalization of Transformation “which means that natural beauty is not that sexy or appealing, young people become so complex physically because they don’t have X.Y.Z… Body or beauty which is actually full of surgery .The toxic point is that the obsession with “GLOW UP” is that people focus a lot in their physical appearance until it gets so toxic don’t get me wrong there is nothing bad of taking care of your physical appearance but for example as a girl you can’t go out without makeup Because that means you’re not” GLOW UP”.

As you like yourself with makeup, you should worship your natural beauty cause that what you really are. Instead of getting that obsessing with that toxic physical glow up, be obsessed with your lifestyle, mental health, Professionally… cause that what is really important physically we are all stunning just the way we are, because we are all different looking don’t get yourself  into that hub of TOXIC BEAUTY STANDARDS and never apologize because you look natural.

So I hope that y’all enjoyed it. And don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below// Take care//



  1. I legit just did a entire blog about this well similar to this lmao I did in the aspect of this but also with the whole filters and how they are heavily relied on. I wanna even go on a deeper dive with the body trends. Ugh I’m so glad someone else shares my same point of view I think this is a huge topic that often isn’t talked about great job on this

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  2. glow up to me always meant sth naturally like taking care of one’s self then the results are the glow up BUT to modify parts and call that glow up when it’s clear it was done somewhere (correcting sth is different from getting sth done, just to clarify that i’m not against correcting stuff that may cause difficulties in one’s life … )i mean that’s deception to me … thank you for such great topic not many talk about … 💕🥰

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