As a big fan of fashion the 2000s marked me a lot, it was a time that I was obsessed with DISNEY CHANNEL stars especially MILEY CYRUS aka HANNAH MONTANA or ARIANA GRANDE in SAM & CAT…….

Personally, I’m a big fan of 2000s fashion trends, especially” The Glitter lip gloss” and “The all Denim”.


Yo guys! y’all can’t forget that, the tattoo choker is one of the jewelry pieces that I adore in the early 2000s fashion, also it was trendy in 2014/2015 and guarantee I was wear it all the time.


If you know me, you know my love for denim. Denim owes a lot to 2000s fashion. Kind of anything was denim JACKETS, HATS, SKIRTS…. LOVE IT.


Actually the amazing trend of Baguette bags is back now, which is amazing.


I remember I had one in purple, which I was in love with. Velour tracksuit were also an important item of the early 2000s fashion, especially the ones who had the messages on the butt.


The 2000s MINI SKIRTS gives me PARIS HILTON vibe, skirt was also an influence item in the 2000s especially the DENIM ON.

Hope y’all enjoyed it, don’t forget to share your thoughts down below and your favorite 2000s trend.



    1. 5/10
      To be blunt personally i don’t see a T shirt and trackpants that trashy for an everyday routine as staying at home , going to school, or doing your crosery shopping… Its Soo freaking comfy but if you’re going to a date with it Trust me bruh your “Dead” 🙂

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  1. Hahah yesssss – I love this! I’ve still got a tattoo chocker, and I still wear mini skirts (just with leggings underneath). These are all classics. I like when fashion starts coming back around so we can buy our childhood in stores again!
    Caz xx

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  2. Oh, I love chokers and soft clothes! I think every decade gives us a few keepers for our personal style, and for that we should be grateful. Otherwise, individuality is a beautiful thing and wearing something, when nobody else is anymore, shows you’re a true fan of the fashion and not the trend. 😉

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  3. mini skirt and the bags are ok. but not every woman can or should wear a mini and i see way too many women wearing a mini who should be wearing something much longer and less form fitting. as for the rest of your choices? 8/10 on the trashy scale with 10 being the worsts. but im glad those “fashions” are in the past.

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