A lot of topics have been distinguished in a bunch of teens TV series to break up taboos as in EUPHORIA, SEX EDUCATION, GOSSIP GIRL, ELITE…….

A lot of strong topics have been triggered in that kind of TV shows as Mental health problems ( Depression, anxiety, eating disorder…) Addiction (drugs, sex…) societal subject ( Toxic relationships, Harassment, Rasicm, the social pressure of losing your virginity…) So personally I see that as a big step forward to break taboos and also teens that face that kind of issues do not feel alone…

Which is a great thing, but I see that the representation of teens in that kind of TV shows that is watched by a majority of folks probably between 13—–20 years old is awful represented really wack

First we don’t need much of graphics to get to the point like for example in 13 reasons why that scene when they beat that guy on the bathroom or the scene when Hannah Baker cut her veins to commit suicide…… Or those sex scenes that are just a plus are not needed that much to understand the serie. Also, all these topics that they triggered to talk about it in the purpose of braeking taboos they romanticize it in a fck annoying way is represented it in a cool way like it is cool to be depressed or to take drugs….. Or in the serie Elite how they romanticize that teens in high school having threesome without bringing the negative effects about it in that age between 16—–17

Personally, I see that there is a huge lack of nuances. That makes you feel that your life is a piece of shiit, and you really didn’t enjoy that period of your life, which is totally toxic and fake.

So I really want to see your thoughts… Hope you all enjoyed it //TAKE CARE//

Author: marouabourni



  1. JUST when I read the title of this post, I knew I was going to agree with you on whatever you’d written! Thank you! I’ve been thinking abt this a lot lately and most teen shows are just borderline cringe. They create an impression that one needs to be “up to the standards” to be considered cool snd cause more inferiority complex than actual peer pressure. In my opinion, even if sex education is important, I don’t think teens should be indulging in it. There’s a whole life ahead in which to experiment. Adolescence (13-19) should be the time of self-discovery, personality enhancement, personal and social growth and NOT the time to give in to “mammalian urges.” I turn 18 today, a teen, and I NEVER watch teen dramas. I can’t stand them! Thanks for this post! This is my view regarding the same.

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  2. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 “Teens” ARE Often Tougher than ‘Grown Ups’ EveryOne; as ARE Kids

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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  3. Urgh I hate modern media. Teens are always represented in such a stereotypical way and in the end it makes some people’s lives harder…it did mine at that age. In reality we’re all a little of each stereotype and all unique that’s the joy xx great post xxx

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