History is full of bizarre events that we don’t study in school. As is said, “HISTORY IS A GREEK WORD WHICH MEANS LITERALLY JUST INVESTIGATION” -Arnold Toynbee.


EDGAR ALLAN POE was an American poet, editor and literary critic. On September 27, 1894, Poe was supposed to travel from Virginia to Philadelphia to help a fellow writer to edit some poetry, but unfortunately he never made it. On October 3 the author was found lying in the street, barely conscious, outside a polling place saloon called GUNNER’S HALL and wearing somebody’s else clothes….. Sadly he spent, he’s last days unconscious and delirious, and he couldn’t explain what happened to him, he just kept repeating the name “REYNOLDS”. On October 7 the poet passed away, since then there have been all sorts of theories about the cause of his death, but the real cause still unknown until that day.


The FEEJEE MERMAID was a hoax promoted by P. T BARNUM during the 1840s, was the most famous of several fake mermaids exhibited during the 19th century, was exhibited in NEW YORK, LONDON, and Boston. According to history a Boston sea captain had purchased it from a Japanese sailer after he come back home (BOSTON) he passed away so , he’s son got it …..who sells it to someone called KIMBEL( Hope that I spelled he’s name right) so KIMBEL contacts his friend P. T BARNUM, then he loans the mermaid from KIMBEL to display it as an actual mermaid.



There is nothing spookiest as a haunted ship in the middle of the ocean. Mary Celeste is a ship captained by” BENJAMIN BRINGS”, the merchant shift left NEW YORK on November 1872 heading to Italy, the boat carried Bring’s wife, his daughter several sailers and around 1700 barrels of alcohol. According to Bring’s diary, the trip was perfect, but before they made it to Europe a really strange thing happened. The MARY CELESTE was discovered sailing along without a single person in it, and without any distress the ship was founded in a very good conditions and tragically no one ever found captain Brings or his family or his crew. So as any unsolved mystery there are a bunch of theories as here people have considered PIRATES, ALIENS, GIANT WAVES, HAUNTED BY SATAN or a GIANT OCTOPUS that have been the cause of the disappearance…. But there are no strong evidence to support those theories.


So i hope y’all enjoyed it don’t forget to share your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//


  1. Very very very interesting cases! All of them. So full of mystery. I wonder what the “Reynolds” was about 🤔 The last one too, gets really spooky. Haunted ship in the middle of the Sea is the last thing I’d want to be in 😅
    An intriguing post! 👌

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